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How to extend the life of your vehicle?

We'll offer you some tips for extending the life of your vehicle and reducing the repairs. Read carefully and don't miss the details of our recommendations.


  1. Park with the two tires on the sidewalk and with the other two on the road. It's true that you'll make few maneuvers less, but it can damage the suspension and the tires. (Parallel parking tips)
  2. Drive fast when there are speed bumps, because you can damage your undercarriage, bumper or suspension. It is not safety and will cost you money.
  3. Не форсирайте двигателя докато е още студен. Автомобилите трябва да загреят до определена температура преди да потеглят (особено през зимните сутрини). Съветваме Ви да поддържате ниски обороти до достигане на тази температура, за да удължите живота на вашия двигател.
  4. Drive and stop on neutral gear. Driving downhill on neutral will not save you fuel and money. Your brakes will not be so effective too.
  5. Leave your left foot on the clutch all the time (for manual gearbox). It is bad practice and can lead to faster brake down. It is not necessary to press the clutch all the time while you're waiting to cross a traffic light or a cross road.


  1. Make regular car maintenance. It is necessary to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for service terms (1 year or 10-15 000 km; 2 years or 30 000 km). If you're not sure when you have to visit the service, you can take this information from your service booklet. It is not obligatory to use the official service if you don't want to.
    • Replace the oil according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Always use synthetic oils because they are more resistant to high temperatures and their characteristics can be easily manipulated. Check the oil level often to make sure if there are any leaks and to prevent serious mechanical issues in the future.
    • Check the other liquids like: antifreeze and brake fluid;
    • Check the air filter's condition. It is very important for the vehicle and its replacement is not so expensive. Keep in mind that the dirty filter may has bad affect over the engine and lower its power. It is possible increased oil consumption too;
    • Check the condition of the seat belts. They are very important for the passengers' protection;
    • Check the pressure into the tires. Improper tire pressure may lead to less stability, short life and higher fuel consumption (up to 10% more);
    • Check the condition of the battery, because all the electricity in the car depends on it. Well maintained clamps can increase battery life with up to 25%;
  2. Use the right fuel. If you make a mistake, you should drain the fuel immediately or call road assistance. Don't drive in any circumstances if this happens to you, because it can be fatal for the engine.
  3. Drive on safety distance. Not only because you'll have more time for reaction, but also because you may prevent a hit from random rock jumped from the previous car. If this happen, only full insurance may cover the damage.
  4. Keep your car clean. Layered dirt can damage the paint and cause oxidation of the metal surfaces. During the winter salt is being used to prevent icy roads, but it can cause corrosion of the metal parts and that's why you should clean your car regularly.
  5. Get rid of all unnecessary things in your trunk. The more heavier is it, the more power is needed. The weight is essential for the suspension, for the tires and the safety on the road. (Purpose of the trunk)