Head office

From 12.05.2022 for the convenience of our customers, we are opening our head office in Sofia for renting and returning cars. Its convenient location makes it a preferred choice for car rental near Sofia Airport, but at the same time with easy and quick access from the city. The office is open all year round.
Customers who land and depart from Terminal 1 at Sofia Airport will be transferred by our own shuttle bus to the office.


The office is located at:
  • 3-4 minutes or 300 m walking distance from the stop of Sofiyska Sveta Gora metro station
  • 7 minutes by car or 3.2 km from Sofia Airport

Near Sofiyska Sveta Gora metro station (near Sofia Airport)
20 Podporuchik Yordan Todorov Str., NPZ Iskar, Sofia
GPS: 42.6785231,23.4115127
Working hours: Every day: 08:30 - 21:00

* In the time range from 21:01 to 08:29, customers with a reservation made in advance are served.
* In case you make a change in the hours of your reservation and they fall within the time range from 21:01 to 08:29, an additional fee of 24 euros will be charged.

+359 700 89 050 (national telephone)
+359 890 170 170 (mobile number)

You will be serviced by:

Daniel Ivanov
Daniel Ivanov
Denis Karamfilov
Denis Karamfilov
Diyan Genev
Diyan Genev
Nikoleta Nеncheva
Nikoleta Nеncheva

Photos from the office

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