Cargo van and LCV terms and conditions


  • Third Party Liability valid in whole Europe
  • Paid all road taxes for the territory of Republic of Bulgariа
  • Full insurance for damage and theft in whole Eruope under the general conditions of the Insurer. Valid only if a protocol from the Police Authorities is presented. It is not valid when the driver is under the influence of alcohol, other intoxicating substances or due to violation of the Bulgarian Traffic Laws
  • 500 km daily mileage for rentals with duration up to 30 days and 5000 km mileage monthly for rentals with duration over 30 days.
  • 20% VAT


Renter’s personal requirements:

Renter must have held a full driving license for a minimum of 3 years for the classes MKMR and EKMR. Drivers under 23 years or with less than 3 year driving experience must pay an additional “Young driver” fee of 7,20 € per day. The required security deposit is double. Explicit confirmation by the Lessor is required. For the classes CKMR and IKMR the minimum driving age is 25 years and the driver's license should be at least 5 years old. ID (passport).

When the contract is with legal personality, the driver must provide a power of attorney or a valid work contract if he/she is not the manager.

Rental period:

Minimum rental period: 24 hours. If a customer makes an enquiry for a period shorter than 24 hours, the rental price will be calculated for a full 24 hours. If the car is returned after the agreed period the customer will be charged as follows: up to 1 hour – half a rental day; 1 to 4 hours – one rental day; 4 to 24 hours – two rental days, more than 24 hours – double price for every additional day.

Method of payment and security deposit:

During the booking process you can complete a partial prepayment (15% of the total price) or a full prepayment using a credit card, bank transfer or Paypal. Your credit card will be balanced with the text “Modul EOOD” – our company's name. The deposit is valid for 25 days after the start of the rental. If the rent lasts more than 25 days, the client must visit the nearest office of the company before the 25th day to leave a new deposit for the car.
If a partial prepayment is chosen, the Renter must pay the remaining price during the pick-up. The accepted methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer or cash payment. Payment in cash is accepted only bulgarian lev (BGN).
During the pick-up process, the Renter must leave security deposit by credit/debit card (Visa or MasterCard) issued on his name.

Vehicle class
Deposit by Card
MKMR200 €
EKMR300 €
CKMR400 €
IKMR500 €

Information about SIPP codes can be seen HERE.
Cross Border rentals are with double deposit (see bellow).

Responsibility of the RENTER

  • In case of damage of the vehicle the Renter is obligated to provide all needed documents/protocols from the Police authorities, proving the accident. Otherwise the Renter is responsible for the total amount of the respective damages and the number of days required for complete repairing of the vehicle;
  • In case of theft or total damage of the vehicle the Renter is obligated to provide all needed documents/protocols from the Police authorities, proving the event. Otherwise the Renter is responsible and should pay the full amount of the vehicle;
  • The Renter is fully liable to partial theft, loss of parts, accessories, damages of the vehicle interior (upholstery, dashboard, seats, upholstery trunk etc.) or the cargo compartment;
  • The fee for lost documents, CD, audio system, registration number plate, GPS navigation or vehicle keys is 200 €;
  • In case of accident abroad, no matter whose fault is, the Renter is obliged to transport on his own expense the rented vehicle to Bulgaria's border. In this case we don't provide the Renter with replacement car;
  • In case of damage an administrative fee of 50 € is payable by the Renter.


The price for the cargo var or LCV rental includes a daily mileage of 500 km. For each additional km. over the included mileage the following price is calculated:

Car group (SIPP code)Included daily mileageIncluded monthly mileagePrice per additional km.
MKMR500 km./day5000 km./month0.051 €/km.
EKMR500 km./day5000 km./month0.061 €/km.
CKMR500 km./day5000 km./month0.077 €/km.
IKMR500 km./day5000 km./month0.102 €/km.


The vehicle is rented with a full tank of fuel. Fuel consumption is payable by the Renter. In case the vehicle is returned with less fuel than rented, the Renter must pay for the missing fuel at price 1,80 €/l and an additional refueling fee of 15 € with VAT.

One-way rentals:

On request a vehicle can be delivered and picked up in other city or office of Top Rent A Car. Delivery to neighboring countries is possible. Examples for one way rentals:

Pick up Drop offPrice
Sofia Burgas150 €
Sofia Varna160 €
Sofia Plovdiv85 €
Sofia Bansko100 €
Sofia Borovets80 €
Sofia Pamporovo170 €
Varna Burgas85 €
Varna Plovdiv160 €
Burgas Plovdiv110 €
Sofia Thessaloniki350 €
Sofia Bucharest510 €

More one way rentals can be checked HERE.


  • The vehicle can be rented without charging additional fees from the company's head office in Sofia;
  • It is possible to choose custom pick up/ drop off address in Sofia only if additional request has been made. Notice that there is an additional fee of 20 euro (with VAT included) if you choose that;
  • If you want the vehicle to be delivered and/or returned in another city, the cost of the service will be calculated as follow: 0,50 €/km fee in each direction (with VAT included);
  • The time of delivery can vary within 30 minutes;

Additional equipment and services:

Both the main driver and every additional driver must provide their valid documents personally upon pick up of the vehicle. Documents needed for car rental - driving license, ID card or passport and credit/debit card. All presented documents at the start of the rental period, must be valid till the last day of the rent.

Additional equipment and services are charged per day (VAT included):

Additional equipment and servicesPrice per day Max. Price
Wheelbarrow2.00 €60 €
Cargo belts1.00 €-
Inverter 12V-220V4.00 €-
Anti-skid snow chains (purchase - remain for the customer)30 € one-time fee-
Pallet jack4.00 €60 €
Mobile WI-FI Hotspot3.00 €
Additional driver2,40 €60 €

Late Service Fee

You can check the opening hours for the office of your choosing here. Airport offices can serve customers 24 hours a day.
When booking for the cities of Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv in the time range from 19:01 to 08:29 and for the city of Sofia in the time range from 21:01 to 08:29, the price includes a "Late service fee".
Please note that if during the initial booking, pick-up and/or return times of the car other than the above mentioned ranges are specified and subsequently the times are changed and they fall within the above-mentioned ranges, an additional fee of 24 € including VAT for each delivery and/or acceptance of the car will be charged for "Late service fee".

Cross border rentals:

Upon prior request and approval, rentals can be taken outside Bulgaria to its neighbouring countries (Greece, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and the European part of Turkey). An administrative fee will be charged depending on the rented car class. The indicated administrative fee applies to visiting one of the countries listed above. For any subsequent country, the customer will pay an additional 50% of the charge for the first country. Power of attorney is issued with a validity period until the end of the rent, but no longer than 25 days. When the rent is longer than 25 days, the customer must pay the full charge for crossing the border again.

Vehicle Class
Administrative feeDeposit by Card
EKMR80 €600 €
CKMR100 €800 €
IKMR120 €1000 €

After confirmation by Top Rent A Car, the Rentee must send a scanned copy of the driving licence, penalty-point card and passport details (required for the issue of the necessary documents) at least 1 business day before the start of the rental period. Limitations may apply.

Information for SIPP codes can be seen HERE.

Cancellation/amendment and refund policy:

Confirmed bookings may be cancelled/changed free of charge up to 72 hours before the start of the rental period. If the booking is cancelled/changed less than 72 hours before the start of the rental period, a fee of 15% of the final rental price will be charged, but no less than the rental price for 1 day, as well as the value of the delivery fee in case of cancellation/change of the reservation, less than 24 hours before the start of the rental period. Additional services included in the reservation are not included in the penalty.

Guarantee for class:

Please note, that Top Rent A Car reserves its right to provide a higher car class compared to the booked one.