Frequently asked questions

Before booking

You can read our Terms & Conditions at this link.
We have offices across Bulgaria: Sofia Airport, Varna Airport, Burgas Airport (the offices are located in arrival halls at the terminals). Top Rent A Car also has offices at key locations in the cities Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas as well as seasonal offices in Sunny Beach, Golden Sands, Obzor and Sozopol. Full information about our offices can be found in the Contacts section.
The city offices of the company working hours are 08:30-18:30, without a off day and the ones at the airports are with working hours 08:30-19:00. The office at Sofia Airport is open 24/7.
You can see the working hours if the office you choose here. The airport office can service clients 24/7.
When booking for the cities of Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv in the time range from 19:01 to 08:29 and for the city of Sofia in the time range from 21:01 to 08:29, the price includes a "Late service fee".
Please note that if during the initial booking the pick-up and/or return times of the car are different from the above-mentioned ranges and subsequently the times are changed and they fall within the above-mentioned ranges, an additional "Late service fee" will be charged from 24 euros including VAT for each pick up and/or drop off of the car.
Top Rent A Car offers deliveries to any hotel or address in Bulgaria, upon prior request and for an additional fee. A delivery fee may apply and is calculated automatically during the booking process.
Returning to an office other than the one where you rented the car is called "One way rental". Depending on the distance, you will be charged an additional fee, which is automatically calculated during the booking process. Read our rental terms for more information.
If you choose a rental/return location other than a Top Rent A Car office, you will be charged a delivery fee, which is automatically calculated during the booking process.
Top Rent A Car offers the possibility to visit neighboring countries with the rented car upon prior inquiry and approval for countries neighboring Bulgaria (Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and the European part of Turkey + Istanbul). An administrative fee is charged depending on the class of car rented. The indicated administrative fee is for visiting one of the listed countries. For each subsequent party, the client pays an additional fee of 50% of the fee for the first party. The deposit is doubled. After approval, you need to send your passport/identity card and driver's license details at least 3 working days before the start of the rental. For more information, please read here.
The minimum age is 21 years, the driver must have a license of at least 1 year. Renters who are between 21 and 23 years old pay a "Young Driver" fee and a double deposit. Restrictions may apply. For more information, please read here.
There are no mileage restrictions on the rental car.
The vehicle is provided with a full tank and must be returned full. When returning with missing fuel, the customer pays for the missing fuel as well as an administration fee, unless there is a paid in advance "Prepaid fuel" fee (more information can be found here). We recommend that you mainly use petrol stations from established chains such as OMV, Shell, Petrol and LUKOIL.
When you make a reservation through our site, you can choose one of 2 options: partial or full prepayment. We guarantee you the reservation of the desired car only if you make a prepayment. If you do not make an advance payment, you are not guaranteed the car you want.
When renting a car, you need to leave a deposit with a credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard) issued in the name of the driver. The amount of the deposit is not withdrawn from your account, it is only blocked! After the end of the lease, it is unlocked. The deposit varies between 200-2000 € according to the class. Credit card is required for our luxury cars only, as well as when buying Premium Protection.
The price includes a vignette - toll for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. When requested to go abroad, all tolls are paid by the client.
It is possible to drive with a driving license issued in another country. You must have valid identity documents: passport/ID card and driving licence. In case the customer provides a Driver's license that is NOT issued by a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA) or the Swiss confederation, he must provide an international driving license or a legalized translation of the original driving license (an original driving license must always be provided). An international driver's license can be applied for and obtained online here) on this page.
Top Rent A Car’s vehicles are equipped for driving in winter conditions. When booking directly on the Top Rent A Car website or at the company's office, there is no charge for winter equipment. Only the snow chains are payable additionally.

Bookings process

Regular Top Rent A Car customers receive an additional discount based on the number of bookings they make. The discount is in addition to the online discount. Read more information about our MyTop program on this page.
You can make a reservation on our national phone number +395 700 89 050 / +359 890 170 170.
We recommend you book at least 7 days before the rental date. If you wish to make a reservation from today for tomorrow (in less than 24 hours) please call +359 700 89 050 / +359 890 170 170.
The promo code allows an additional discount on the price of the rented car for certain periods. When you enter it in the promo code field, the discount on the rental price of the car is automatically calculated.
Most cars available on our website are guaranteed the specific make, model and year of manufacture. In cases where a particular car is not guaranteed, we offer similar cars in the same class. This means that the class offers several cars of different models and brands, but with the same parameters (number of doors, gearbox, etc.).
Third party policy insurance. CDW and TP insurance is also included as standard. Read more about insurance on our rental terms page.
The difference depends on the weight and age of the children (9-18 kg, 15-36 kg). You can see pictures of the different seats on Step 3 of the booking process.
For each additional driver there is a fee. It is forbidden to drive the car by persons who are not listed in the rental agreement.
During the booking process, you can state that you want to visit another country by specifying which country in the comments. The following documents are required: passport/identity card data and driver's license, no later than 1 working day before the start of the rental. You can send the documents by e-mail. These documents are necessary to prepare a power of attorney or a green card for going abroad. A one-time administrative fee is charged depending on the class of car rented. A double deposit is required.
Payment methods are: Credit or debit card, bank transfer and PayPal.
The site is protected with a Web Server certificate. Site transactions are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.
The site is protected with a Web Server certificate. Site transactions are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

After bookings is made

You will automatically receive an e-mail to the e-mail address you specified and a password for your MyTop account. Within 24 hours after sending the reservation, you will receive a confirmation letter with a link to your voucher.
Yes, you can request an invoice in advance by writing to our email address or calling the Call Center. Also, when renting a car and paying the amount in our office, you can be issued an Invoice on the spot. Invoices are issued to individuals and legal entities within a maximum of 5 days after payment and in the same month of the payment.
Upon confirmation of the reservation, we will send an email to the email address you specified with confirmation and a link to your voucher. You can also access it from your personal MyTop account.
It is advisable to present a printed voucher for your car rental booking or transfer. For your convenience, we also provide the option to download a .pdf of the voucher and present it directly from your smartphone or tablet.
Your personal account allows you to request changes to your reservation. Log in to MyTop and use the Change menu. If you change a reservation less than 72 hours before the start of the rental, additional fees could be applied depending on the changes.
Dates can also change, but it is advisable not to do so at the last minute, so that you can count on a timely response from our side.
Our office at Terminal 2, Arrivals Hall is open 24/7 and only serves customers arriving by flight. If you land at Terminal 1, we will be waiting for you in the Arrivals Hall with a sign with our company’s logo, after which you will be transferred to our central office at Sofia Airport free of charge by our branded shuttle bus to fill out the contract and pick up the car.
Yes, but a confirmed booking can be canceled/amended up to 72 hours before the start of the rental period, without incurring any fees. If the booking is canceled/amended less than 72 hours before the start of the rental period, the customer owes a penalty of 15% of the booking value, but not less than one rental day, as well as the value of the cancellation delivery fee/change of reservation if it is less than 24 hours before the start of the rental period. Additional services included in the reservation are not included in the penalty.
Our employees monitor the flight schedules, but you must inform us in advance about the change.

At car pick up

Required documents are: valid driver's license, passport or identity card, physical debit/credit card (Visa or Mastercard) for deposit in the driver's name, as well as your PIN code.
You will fill out a rental agreement and you will receive a copy of it. You are required to pay the full rent and extras, if any. It is advisable to add a Top Protection - "Release of Liability" fee or a Premium Protection fee to your booking, for your peace of mind throughout the rental. A full prepayment can also be made before the start of the rental. A deposit will be authorized from your debit/credit card (unlocked after the end of the rent). The vehicle will be checked for damages. If there are scratches or other damages, they will be noted in the Delivery-Acceptance Protocol when the car is handed over.
The deposit is a certain amount of money that is kept when renting the car. The money remains blocked on your card until the end of the rental period, serving as a deposit to cover the costs of repairs in the event of damage or an accident to the car. If everything is fine with the car and is returned in the condition in which it was rented, the amount for the deposit is unlocked in its full amount. Does not apply in case of a returned vehicle with missing fuel/electric energy, delay, dirty car, etc. In the case of a purchased fee "Release from liability" - Top Protection or Premium Protection and the presence of a protocol or certificate for the event and a call to our national number +359 700 890 050, your deposit will be refunded in full if you have complied with the general conditions of our contract.
If the customer is late in returning their vehicle, they will be charged a fee. In case of delay in returning the car after the expiry of the rental contract, the client is charged as follows: up to 1 hour – 1/2 rental day; from 1 to 4 hours – one rental day; from 4 to 24 hours - 2 rental days, over 24 hours - every following day in double amount.
No, it is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the vehicle. A fee applies if smoking is detected.
The transportation of animals in the car is only allowed if they are in specially designed cages.

During car rental

When renting the car, the Renter is obliged to leave a deposit with a debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard) issued in his name. The bank card must be valid at least until the end of the rental. The deposit is valid for 25 days after the start of the rental. If the rental is longer than 25 days, the customer must visit the nearest office of the company before the 25th day to leave a new deposit for the car or provide a new deposit through a link provided by the Lessor.
In the event of an accident, you must call the contact number specified in the rental agreement, as well as 112, to inform the competent authorities (the Police).
Tire change is done by the client.
For damages to tires, hub caps and windows, you may be charged extra. If you have paid for "Top Protection" coverage, your responsibility will be limited. If you have “Premium protection” you will not be charged additional fee. The covers are concluded against an additional charge at the request of the client.
You must inform us in advance that you wish to extend the rental. Payment for the extension is made in full within 24 hours of making the extension, but no later than the time the original contract expires. In case it is not possible to extend the lease of the specific car, due to its entry into a new lease, we will offer you an alternative.
If the rental is longer than 25 days, the customer must visit the nearest office of the company before the 25th day to leave a new deposit for the car or provide a new deposit through a link provided by the Lessor.
When renting a car with a power of attorney to go abroad longer than 25 days, the customer must pay the fee for the power of attorney in full again and obtain new documents for going abroad.
The price for your entire rental is recalculated, with the value for the days used at the daily car rental price you paid is increased by 20% for the actually used period, and a fee of 3 rental days is applied, but not more than the rental price for the originally agreed period.
You should report this immediately. The fees for lost documents and lost keys can be found in the company's official price list here.

At car drop off

This is possible only after the express consent of both parties. Company policy mandates that when the vehicle is returned, it must be inspected for damage and missing fuel. The absence of keys or documents is subject to an additional fee.
The vehicle must be returned with a clean interior and preferably washed externally. A fee will be applied for dirty interior, sand in the compartment and trunk, stains on the upholstery.

After rental is finished

On the day you receive the car, the deposit amount is blocked /authorized/ on your debit/credit card, and then it is unblocked /cancellation of the authorization/ as soon as the car is checked on its return.
Upon receipt of a notice of authorization cancellation, Top Rent A Car has no claim to the amount. In case you have any questions, you should contact your servicing bank.
In this case, if during the rental period a violation of the Traffic law was found, and we received an electronic ticket, you will receive an email from Top Rent A Car with a detailed explanation of the steps to be taken to pay the ticket for the violation. An administrative fee applies for document processing.

MyTop loyalty program

When booking a car online, you receive a username and password to the e-mail address you specified, with your personal account (MyTop). You can create your account here.
MyTop allows you to:
1. Accumulate a personal discount with each subsequent booking.
2. View your booking history.
3. Review and print your voucher.
4. Request changes to your reservations.
Within 1 business day after you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation from the Reservations Department and the status of the reservation in your account will change from Pending to Confirmed. After that, you will be able to view and print your voucher.
The reservation voucher gives complete information about the reserved services. Each voucher has a serial number and customer details.
1. Log in to your MyTop account.
2. Select the reservation you want to change and press the "Change" button.
3. Describe the changes in the comment field.
4. Press the "Send" button. You will receive a reply by e-mail within 24 hours.
1. Log in to your MyTop account.
2. Select the reservation you want to cancel and press the "Cancel" button.
3. Describe the reason for the cancellation in the comment field.
4. Press the "Send" button.
1. Log in to your MyTop account.
2. Select "Settings".
3. Fill in the fields "Current password", "New password" and "Repeat".
4. Press the "Save" button.
The promo code discount is calculated independently of your personal MyTop regular customer discount and the online discount on the site. Thus, the accumulated discount can reach 40%!!
If you notice a discrepancy between the number of reservations shown in your profile and the actual number of reservations made, please contact us.