Съвети за успоредно паркиране

Parallel parking tips

For easy parallel parking, it is necessary to follow some simple steps.

  • Step 1
    When parking reverse, first you should get closer and parallel to the car, the one you will park behind, and have to switch the hazard lights on.
    There is a three-angle window on the back door (it can help you with the orientation of where the back tires are). The vehicle drives reverse and when the driver sees the back of the side car through the window he/she should make 3 complete turns of the steering wheel (on the right, if parking on the right side) or (on the left, if parking on the left side). The movement should be diagonally according to the parking space.
  • Step 2
    During this maneuver you should look at the left side mirror (if you park on the right side) or at the right side mirror (if you park on the left side).
    When you can see the whole image of the back vehicle into the side mirror, you should turn the steering wheel into starting position.
  • Step 3
    When driving reverse, the driver looks into the right mirror (if parks on the right side), or into the left mirror (if parks on the left side), and when it is equal to the back corner of the front car (far enough), should make 3 complete turns of the steering wheel (on the left, if parks on the right) or (on the right if parks on the left). It is important during this maneuver to be careful not to hit your front part of the car. The reverse movement continues as long as your car stands parallel to the sidewalk. Parking in the middle comes next.

The purpose of these tips is to give you a vision of how to park correctly, the real time situations might be different speaking about sizes and distances. The driver must be sure that there is enough space to park in and will not hit the surrounding objects during the maneuver.

Video lesson for parallel parking