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What to do if you feel very sleepy during the trip?

Distant trips by car hire are often quite exhausting. The continuous stand still, lack of movement and staring at one point cause tiredness. This tiredness can be an addition to previous physical activity and lack of sleep. It is very important when driving to be aware of the length of your trip by car hire. If you have to drive from Sofia to Varna to catch up an early flight, for example, you should travel during the night. The distance is quite long - about 450 km, and therefore the time to reach the end point will be around 6 hours.

Tips of Top Rent A Car

Take a good rest before driving

Well rested driver has more energy and his reactions on the road are much sharper.

Don't travel alone

The presence of other people in the car and communication with them would distract you and will not let you sleep. Moreover, a change of the driver in case of exhaustion is possible.

Turn the radio on or listen to music

The absence of sounds and music would predispose the person to relax and fall asleep while traveling, especially at night. So I play something rhythmic to stay awake!

Stop the car regularly

Stopping for longer time is required. A break of 15 minutes and some physical activity will affect great and will give you new strength for the journey.

Take some refreshing drink

Cafe, energy drinks. Being in good condition during the long time trip is essential. Be prepared and do not underestimate the power of tiredness that can make you fall asleep while driving. Minimize the risk to fall asleep, ensure a peaceful and safe journey and arrival at the final destination.