The best tips for gasoline engine car rental

The best tips for gasoline engine car rental

Expert opinion

According to most experts petrol driven cars are more suited for driving short distances, while diesel - for a long time (urban driving, motorways). Early planning your holidays and tours in Bulgaria will help you to choose car easier.

When the price is crucial when choosing a rental car you should be familiar with the prices. Here we can to view the prices of fuel in Bulgaria:Fuel price. The price difference between petrol and diesel is small, but has the advantage for gasoline (A-95).

Acceleration of petrol engine compared to a diesel

One of the biggest advantages of petrol engines compared to the diesel ones is their acceleration. So when you rent a car with petrol engine probably will travel 3-4 people plus luggage. If you choose a car with diesel engine it will be difficult for you to overtake, with the gasoline will be otherwise. The gasoline engine gives more confidence on the road and safety when overtaking. When you make overtaking maneuver we advise you to make sure that:

  • mark permits it
  • you have visibility (front and back)
  • have submitted flasher
  • that will not endanger other traffic participants

Starting with petrol engine

Another tip to keep in mind when driving rental cars with the gasoline engine associated with departure. Unlike diesel vehicles that depart without gas, gasoline do so.

Winter driving

If you decided to drive gasoline engine car during the winter you should know that it doesn't need so much time to heat as the diesel one. It will spend time early in the morning and you will be able to drink a cup of cafe and not to worry about it.

No matter what car rental you want to drive, Top Rent A Car will offer you lots of choices in every car class. Take advantage of our seasonal offers and make previous booking!