Summer vacation with Renault Twizy

Summer vacation with Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy from Top Rent A Car on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Be the first who will take advantage of the new, attractive service of Top Rent A Car - Renault Twizy rental. Hire it from our offices in Sunny Beach and Burgas (Mall Plaza), and make your summer vacation on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast unforgettable. Taste from the pleasure all the attention to be focused on you, thanks to this little jеwel. No doubt, it will happen when you start to drive the futuristic two-seater with compact size. It is easy to drive and even easier to park. Its small size (length: 232 cm, width: 119 cm and height: 146 cm) will minimize significantly the searching of free parking space.

Why to choose Renault Twizy for your summer vacation

  • Thanks to its technology, the electric vehicle works only with electricity and you don't need to pay extra for fuel. Don't worry about the environment either, Renault Twizy is an excellent choice for the green energy supporters, with 0 g/km of CO2 emissions. You can drive it up to 100 km with a single chargе and it will cost nothing.
  • Traffic jams can't stop Twizy. Its small size help it to get out of every situation easily . Parking it is a piece of cake as well, it takes no time at all.
  • If you love your freedom and value your privacy, this is the perfect car for you. Enjoy the noiseless driving and summer breeze when visiting the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast resorts. Feel the good taste of something that you haven't felt before.

When the other tourists are trying to find a seat into the crowded bus, you will have enough space in Twizy. When you want to go to the beach, Twizy will drive you there fast and easy. When you want to escape the boredom, take Twizy.