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10 Reasons showing that you are a good driver

A good driver is cautious, make accurate estimates of their actions, which comply with the rules of the road, but at the same time the right decisions are taken fast. He take care of the vehicle and the other road users.

1. Know the rules of the road and all signals

Good drivers know well the driving rules. Moreover, they know how to use their knowledge. Strictly observe legal norms.

2. You are well acquainted with the automobile systems

Knowing the car is very important. You need to know the dimensions and to make a proper assessment of the acceleration and maneuverability. Drivers with longer experience convened more quickly if they need to drive another vehicle.

3. Maintaining car in very good technical condition

The attitude of the driver to the car, almost always associated with a person's character. If you take good care of it, to maintain the appearance of the car and it should work properly, so he has to be grateful for the work that it does to him. Good drivers appreciate the benefits that gives them their vehicle.

4. Drive your car properly

Whether your car is properly driven, show many signs. For example, if your car often is into car service, one reason may be that you do not manage it properly. For example, you go through many holes - have to repair the suspension. Pressing brake sharply and often - you have to repair the brakes. Or if the car visits systematic service for repairs, it means that the problem may be, that you are not a good driver. Sharply braking , pushing a gas pedal, gear shifting is unusual for a good driver. Always have to give a sign about what you want to do. This could avoid accidents.

5. You respond appropriately in different situations

Often, that you drive well could be known from your reaction at different stressful situations. Usually the bigger experience is, the reactions more faster and more correct become. Almost always have to react very quickly, especially in making more responsible decisions.

6. You can make a proper assessment

The reasonable driver can appreciate the different road conditions, and knows how to drive safely in all types of road surfaces and conditions.

7. You are tolerant to other drivers

This is an inherent quality of a good driver, he is tolerant towards other drivers, understands, when someone makes a mistake because of small attempt or ignorance, he would help if problems arise. In short to help someone in need on the road, to miss it when you are on the road with advantage and no one else could let him go because of the busy roads. That means tolerance.

8. You are observant

If you can use your vision to monitor many different objects simultaneously, without distractions. For example, peripheral vision to watch the bumps on the road and potholes without this interfere to watch mainly dynamic changing road situation.

9. You are calm

Tranquility is essential on the road. Nowadays, the movement becomes more loaded, and tense. Additional nerves while traveling can hinder even a good driver when has to make a fast decision. It may cause problems.

10. You do not have accidents and sanctions from the Police

These factors will decrease accidents and lack of sanctions by the police. The lack of accidents does not mean that anyone, no matter how good a driver is insured by this.