How to drive safely on wet roads

How to drive safely on wet roads

Often you have to drive in wet weather. Then driving is risky because there is a reduced traction. These are the basic things you need to know in these conditions.

Take a look at the main things before you go

Driving on wet roads could be quite dangerous, especially if you are an inexperienced driver. When the road is wet, you should follow a few basic rules to feel more secure. First of all, you need to check the wipers and lights if they work properly. At the begining you should know that sudden movements are extremely dangerous, do not press sharply the gas, do not press the brake sharply, you have not to turn steering wheel sharply. This will reduce the probability for you to lose control of the vehicle. In wet conditions it is crucial to control the car 's speed. Release of the gear is dangerous because it is not good for the braking. And the use of the engine is good for braking and deceleration in a bad road conditions. Overtaking, if not well-planned and calculated, can be very risky. Wet road traction and acceleration decrease. Be sure that you have correctly assessed the possibility to overtake, and that there will be unpleasant consequences.

Make any action with an extreme caution

Always wear your seat belt. It is recommended that you have to be on longer distance from the other cars, so will reduce the risk of a sudden stop. Be careful not to pass quickly through many big puddles, because sometimes the puddle hide a deep holes which could wet something or damage serious your car. Do not exceed speed, because the braking distance is significantly increased on wet roads. Always check the pressure of the tires and its tread. In heavy rain, the wipers may fail to operate normally if this happens , stop the driving and wait until the rain stop. The traffic dynamically changes every second, so you should always be careful , concentrated , keep track of everything that happens and should not be distracted by anything. Any carelessness in the way there may be unpleasant results.