Fuel efficiency car hire from Top Rent A Car

5 advices for economical driving a rental car

Nowadays, fuel economy is among the things of particular importance when choosing a car rental. High fuel prices create opportunities for people who have not chosen a very economical car to reach save fuel with a few basic rules.

1. Drivе a higher gear, but at low revs.

To achieve the fuel economy is very important to handle speeds smoothly. As soon as possible, switch to a higher gear. You have to try to use a first gear only to start. High speed means bigger fuel consumption.

2. Stop everything which stresses the engine

The more systems on the car work, such as air conditioning, radio and other make your fuel burning faster.

3. Avoid keeping your windows open longer

This increases the strength of the wind and affect fuel consumption.

4. Adjust the load of the car

This will undoubtedly save you fuel. The more the car is loaded with luggage or passengers, the higher consumption will be calculated.

5. Observe traffic and road conditions

On bad pavement and slopes, you need to push the gas pedal more. In a worse road, the consumption increases because of switching from one to another gear. The tires must be inflated according to the season and to be described by the manufacturer. But it has taken care by Top Rent A Car.