First impressions from Twizy

First impressions of Twizy

It is really exciting to get inside and drive Twizy for the first time. It is exciting mostly because you don't know what to expect. This futuristic small vehicle doesn't look like any other and may be this is the reason why it is so attractive.
It is interesting to be pointed that the driver can choose which of the two doors to use to get in. Of course it doesn't matter, because the driver's seat is located in the middle.

Those ones who get in Twizy for the first time will may be confused of the fact that the electric vehicle doesn't have outside door handles. Doors can be opened only from the inside and guess what - they are scissor-opening doors, making it even easier to park.

Few steps to follow before taking a ride with Twizy

Once you are inside, before starting to drive you should be aware of the following steps:

  1. put your seatbelt on;
  2. fix your side mirrors;
  3. put the key and turn it once until the indicators stop blinking. After that, turn it one more time until the "Go" light is on;
  4. release the hand brake which is located underneath the driving wheel, while pushing the brake pedal at the same time;
  5. The electric vehicle has an automatic transmission and got only two pedals: brake pedal and "gas" pedal;. Push the “D” button, located at the left side of the wheel if you want to drive forward;
  6. push the “R” button, located at the left side of the wheel if you want to drive reverse;

Twizy is completely noiseless and probably you will not realize when it is ready to go. Push the right pedal ("gas" pedal) and your journey may begin. After a while, when the vehicle accelerates you'll hear a sound of the electric engine, you will also feel the excitement of this new experience.

Renault Twizy is easy to drive and follows every movement of the wheel. It accelerates fast, but we advice you not to push it too hard and to safe battery. After a few kilometers you will realize that there is everything you need in Twizy, so you can feel safe and comfortable on the road.
The electric vehicle has headlights, turn signals, horn, wiper and air bags. Some of the units have also Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to music and to make hands free calls. If you have small luggage you can put it into the glovebox compartments.

Make a free quote online or directly from our offices and try some new adventure with Renault Twizy.