How to place an emergency warning triangle?

How to place an emergency warning triangle?

Emergency warning triangle is one of the mandatory tools every driver must have in his car. Its main purpose is to inform the drivers that there is a car out of order after it.

The emergency warning triangle has both alert and preventing function. The drivers should slow down their speed and increase the attention when they see it.

Emergency warning triangle should be placed in standing position (ie, perpendicular to the roadway), behind the car. It must be placed at least 50 m far from the car and with the reflective side facing the cars driving from behind, so it can be easily noticed. If you place it on a greater distance, it will be noticed even earlier.

How to calculate a distance of 50 m? Every two steps of a person are approximately one meter. So you have to make hundred steps (starting from your car) and put the warning triangle.

Are there any requirements for the triangle? Is it possible to put any type of triangle? The answer is no.


The triangle must be certified and with the following characteristics:

  • Foldable, equilateral, reflective and red colored;
  • Side dimensions: width - 7 cm, length - between 50 and 55 cm;