Drive at night

Drive at night

After sunset many of the drivers don't like to drive at night because of the difficulty to see clear. What are the main issues when driving at night? What to be careful with and how to make your trip easier?

Main issues

Main issue when driving at night are the lights of opposite driving cars. They can cause discomfort on the road, and strain the senses further. Irritating light can blind or distract the driver and he may not react adequate if something happen.

Reflections of the lights in a combination with wet road is even worse. Drivers should be very careful in situation like that because traffic lights and street lamps are also involved.

At last, but not least is the lack of light. Unfortunately, some of the streets and part of the boulevards are not well-lit, reflective safety devices (Cat's eye) on the roadway are missing, so the visibility is limited.

Because of these reasons, the drivers should be very careful. They should await eventual appearance of a pedestrian and should not drive fast.

Be aware of the routes you choose and follow the signs and traffic rules. Top Rent A Car advice you to skip driving at night if you don't feel comfortable. Safety first!