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What does the dashboard warning lights mean?

What does the dashboard warning lights mean?

It is good to be aware of your car and to recognize the signals when appear. This way you will be able to react proper in every situation.

Red warning lights

Red warning lights
Red warning lights
  • Rear fog light
    It is recommended to use these lights when it's foggy. This is to prevent accidents and to be more noticeable for the car behind you.
  • Brake system alert
    This is red signal light showing that you forgot to pull your brake down.
  • Temperature warning lights
    The light is on when there is possibility of overheating. It highly recommended the driver to stop the car as soon as possible and to low the temperature of the engine.
  • Battery warning
    Look for professional help to fix the problem.
  • Oil pressure warning
    It is on when the level of the oil pressure is below the minimum. It is necessary to stop the engine. Our advice is to check the oil level and to fill it if needed (when the engine is cold). If there is still problem you should ask for professional help.

Yellow warning lights

Yellow warning lights
Yellow warning lights
  • ABS warning light
  • Engine management light
    This light is usually on when something is wrong with the emissions or running of the engine. You should call professional help.
  • Low fuel notification. When the level become lower than the minimum, the yellow warning light is on. It is necessary to refuel as soon as possible.
  • High beam light
    We advice you not to use high beam in the presence of oncoming traffic. If you notice that the warning light is on, you should turn the high beam off.

We offered you only part of the dashboard warning lights that you should be aware of. Our rent a car agents will give you instructions and will answer your questions about the hired vehicle. For additional information you can call our national phone number 0700 890 50.