Special discounts in OMV stations

The Clients of Top Rent A Car fill up the tank and shop with a special discount card Save&Drive in every OMV station in Bulgaria.

Top Rent A Car and OMV stations started a partnership in 2017. The two companies are leaders in their industries and are constantly making effort in order to provide service of great quality. Besides filling up the car’s tank with OMV’s high quality fuels, the clients of Top Rent A Car can buy a lot of goods in their market. Every automobile of Top Rent A Car is provided to our clients with a map of Bulgaria where all the OMV stations are marked. Our clients also receive a special OMV discount card Save&Drive, which gives you the following privileges:

Top Rent A Car and OMV

Where to find

OMV is one of the most developed chains in Bulgaria and that is why the clients of Top Rent A Car will be able to go to the 89 stations of OMV! Besides all the discounts, our clients will be able to prepay their bookings or to extend them in the EasyPay, available in every OMV. This is made for the comfort of our clients, especially those who would like to pay in cash because this way they will not have to go to one of the offices of Top Rent A Car to make the prepayment.
The cash registers of EasyPay work every this from 07:30 until 19:30 h.*

Map of OMV stations

*4 of OMV’s stations do not offer this service: Osmi Dekemvri bul., Sofia; 202, Zadgarova arteriya str., zh.k. Orlandovtsi Dimitar Blagoev bul., Dimitrovgrad G. S. Rakovski str. , Dimitrovgrad. 13, Slatinska str., Sofia.

OMV and Top Rent A Car