Where do we charge rental electric cars?

Find a charging station quickly and easily

Bulgaria’s infrastructure of electric car charging stations is constantly expanding. It is becoming increasingly easier to plan a trip without worrying about the distance you can travel in a rental electric car.
We recommend you use the PlugShare app to quickly find the map closest to your location. There, you can find charging stations by connector type or power level, as well as whether the station you have chosen is free or paid. Please note that some stations have opening hours and cannot be used outside them.

Please note that Top Rent A Car is not responsible for the accuracy of the location information or the condition and working order of the charging stations. The customer is fully responsible for charging the car they hired.

Different electric car brands may take different times to charge. This depends mainly on the station’s power level and connection type. Here you will find information about the types of adapters and cables provided with which every rental electric car we offer.

Types of Charging Stations

Standard Schuko Socket
Standard household sockets cane be used for charging via the power cord and equipment that comes with most electric vehicles. The advantage here is the convenience of simply parking the electric car you have hired in front of your home and charging it from a household socket. The disadvantage is the slow charging of the battery. The maximum charging power is 2.8 kW, meaning an electric car with a 50 kWh battery would take approximately 18 hours to charge.

AC 22кW Slow Charging Station
Slow charging stations have a maximum power of 22kW, but this does not mean that every electric car can be charged at this rate. Such limitations are strictly individual for each model. A car with a 50kWh battery that supports this power level would take about 3 hours to charge. The most popular Type 2 to Type 2 cable for electric vehicles is used for the charging.
Type 2

DC Fast Charging Station
Any station with a power level of more than 50 kW is considered a fast charging station. How long it will take to charge a car at such a charging station again depends on the limitations of the actual model. A fast DC station can charge an electric car battery to up to 80% in 30-60 minutes. After reaching 80%, the charging speed gradually decreases. The station cable itself is used for this type of charging, and a special CHAdeMO adapter must be placed for Tesla cars.

How do you charge a rental electric car