Discounted fuel with every rental

Top Rent A Car customers can fill up and shop with discount cards at the most proven petrol stations in Bulgaria

The pleasure of driving a brand new car is sometimes so great and addictive that you don't even want to stop. This will be confirmed by hundreds of our customers. No matter how economical the new cars are, you will always have to stop at a gas station to refuel. To make your trip even more enjoyable and profitable, we decided to support you with special discounts for refueling from gas stations across the country.

Take advantage of discount fuel cards at the country's biggest gas stations. Refuel with quality fuels at a discount of up to 0,08 BGN per litre. Refuelled fuel is paid for on site and the discount is calculated immediately. You will find the cards in the vehicle documents.

Here are the petrol stations where we offer you the opportunity to fill up with discounted fuel:


Discount card at OMV petrol stations
Save&Drive card discounts

- 0,15 BGN/l on Maxx Motion 100 and MaxxMotion Diesel
- 0,15 BGN/l on Smart MaxMotion A95
- 0,07 BGN/l on OMV Super 95 and OMV Diesel
- 0,03 BGN/l on Autogas (LPG)
- 10% off on Bixxol motor oil, Caristal fluid, coffee drinks, Top Wash Car Wash

Read more about the partnership with OMV petrol stations here.


Discount card at Petrol gas stations
Discounts with Grifon card

- 0,12 BGN/l on eXXtra 100 and Diesel Green Force
- 0,07 BGN/l on Petrol A-95H and Diesel Pro Force
- 0,03 BGN/l on Autogas (LPG and CNG)
- 3% off on goods in Perfekt stores

You can read more about the partnership with Petrol stations here.


Discount card at Shell gas stations
Discounts with card

- 0,10 BGN/l on Shell V-Power 95, Shell V-Power Diesel and Shell V-Power Racing
- 0,05 BGN/l on Shell FuelSave 95 and Shell FuelSave Diesel
- 0,02 BGN/l on Shell AutoGas

You can read more about the partnership with Shell here.

In addition to fuel discounts, some locations offer discounts on delicious, freshly prepared and varied food, cold drinks, flavorful coffee, packaged goods, entertainment and toys. And last but not least, discounts on car care services and goods - in some of our partners' outlets you can benefit from a 10% discount on car wash services, discounts on car accessories, wiper fluid, etc.