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River of Beli Osam
River of Beli Osam

Troyan is located in central northern Bulgaria, in a mountainous area. It is located 165 km. from Sofia, 322 km from Varna and 339 km of Burgas, on the foot of the mountain, along the Beli Osam River. Historical data indicate that the city dates back to antiquity.

Near the town is a famous Troyan Monastery. The town has been established as an attractive destination for lovers of rural, recreational and eco-tourism. It is famous for its craftsmen in various trades, and a high quality production of spirits.

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Center of Troyan
Center of Troyan

The town has several interesting museums that are worth visiting:

  • Museum of Folk Crafts and Applied Arts- this unique Museum is located in the center of town. Its exhibition presents exhibits of several major themes: woodcarving, icon painting, artistic metal, ceramics, folk costumes and textiles. Some articles in it date back to the X - IX century BC found in Thracian necropolis near Troyan. In the museum you can see beautiful model of depicting- craft bazaar in the XIX century, and an authentic workshops of the same period.
  • Nature–Science Museum- It is located in the village of Cherni Osam. It has 3 halls, depicting more than 700 animal and plant species from the central part of the Balkans. It is also a visitor center of the National Park "Centralen Balkan".
  • Exposition of folk art and crafts- It is located close to the Troyan Monastery and shows mastery of various craftsmen from across the country and sometimes abroad. Here visitors could not only look at - different masterfully crafted objects, but also to buy it. Organize and tasting of the famous Troyan plum and apricot rakiya.


Old houses in Troyan
Old houses in Troyan

The area was inhabited since the Paleolithic era. During the Bronze Age along the river Osam Thracian tribes settled. From that time and found bronze ornaments, weapons and pottery. Near Troyan is situated Sostra - ancient Roman fortress, which was devastated by the Goths, along with the adjacent area. It is believed that after the re-built which lasts thirty years, the fortress wall reaches a height of 10 meters. Since the beginning of Ottoman rule in the region settled by Bulgarian families from Danube Plain, Chiprovsko, Berkovitsa, Ohrid and Razlog. In the first half of the 19th century flourished crafts. A larger proportion of them hold the pottery, which gave the start of the unique and today Troyan ceramic academy. At that time Troyan was a rural community and the residents had to go to Lovech for administrative and judicial work. In 1871 Vasil Levski founded a revolutionary committee in the city. The city was burned by the retreating Turkish army in 1877.

Other tourist opportunities

Sculpture in Troyan
Sculpture in Troyan
  • "Beklemeto"- This is a large area located in Troyan Pass. There is a tourist village which offers excellent conditions for winter tourism. Nearby is track for biathlon and cross-country skiing.
  • Troyan Monastery "The Assumption"- the third largest monastery in Bulgaria. Located a few kilometers from the Trojan to the Cherni Osam in extremely picturesque area. The monastery has a rich history– here Vasil Levski based revolutionary committee.
  • Skit "Yoan Krastitel" - located in the beautiful area Zelenikovets in Stara Planina. It is 8 km. from the Troyan Monastery. The monastery offers accommodation.

Nature and eco tourism

In the town area you can see the reserves "Kozya Stena", „Steneto” and" North Djendem", that are part of the famous with its unique plant and animal species - National park " Central Balkan". The reserve "North Djendem" there are about 30 waterfalls and the landscape is highly bumpy and difficult accessible. Reserve "Steneto" is rich in caves that are poorly studied because of its deepness. Here you can see beautiful rock formations. The smallest reserve "Steneto" was created to preserve the rare edelweiss and the beech forests. The area is inhabited by different type of birds of prey.

Hotels and restaurants in Troyan

The best hotels in Troyan according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Chateau Montagne Hotel
  • Troyan Plaza Hotel

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Troyan is a great choice for a day or more - long visit. You can enjoy the beautiful nature, unique natural monuments and historical sites, and visit all the sights and the natural phenomenon of the area and walk to other interesting places.

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Troyan Monastery, Bulgaria (Own work) [ CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons