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Excavations in the city center
Excavations in the city center

Stara Zagora is known as the city of straight streets, linden trees, poets and beautiful women! It is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. Stara Zagora is located 230 km southeast of Sofia and 190 km from Burgas.

The climate in Stara Zagora is continental, suggesting mild winter as Sredna Gora Mountain protects it from cold winds. The history of the city dates back 8000 years ago. You can find there very well preserved dwellings from the middle of VI century BC. Nearby is the resort - Stara Zagora mineral baths, suitable for climate therapy and spa.

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Tourist sites

  • Bereket tomb This is the largest prehistoric settlement in the country, located in Kolyo Ganchev area.
  • Ancient fortress Augusta Traiana It represents the ancient forum complex that includes a port, two walls, suburban pit with a square pedestal of the statue, theater, auditorium, street and baths.
  • Memorial Complex "Defenders of Stara Zagora 1877" The monument is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Stara Zagora 31 July 1877. It was erected in place of the command post of the defense. The concrete structure is 50 meters high and depicts a waving flag.
  • Park Ayazmoto The park was created in 1895 by Metropolitan Methodius Kusev and covers an area of 3200 dka. The park has 150 species of exotic tree and shrub species from different corners of the world.
  • Museum "Neolithic dwellings" The museum was founded in 1979 and is one of the hundred tourist sites. In it could be seen two dwellings from the Neolithic with belongings - bakery ovens, hand flour mills, pottery and more. Also in the museum you can see a permanent exhibition on Prehistoric Art in Stara Zagora.
The Flag of Samara
The Flag of Samara
  • Regional Historical Museum The museum has artifacts from the past of the local residents, which stems from the VI millennium BC and covers different eras.
  • Museum - House "Geo Milev" The museum opened in 1953 and stores over 3,000 artifacts related to the life and work of Geo Milev. The house offers a documentary about the life of the poet. There is an old tree in the yard, called "The Oak of Geo Milev", which was declared a natural landmark.
  • Art Gallery Its creation began in 1908 on the initiative of Anton Mitov, Georgi Evstatiev, Vasil Dimov, Vassil Mihov and Atanas Marinov. Today the funds exceed 4600 art works, divided into five departments - painting, graphics, sculpture, icons and foreign art.
  • Museum of the religions Museum of the religious buildings of the museum is the only survivor after the burning of the city during the Russo-Turkish War. It was declared a monument and frescoes - a monument of culture of national importance. Excavations brought to light the foundations of the medieval Christian church and Thracian settlement and building inscription states that the building was completed in 1409.
  • Stara Zagora Mineral Baths This is a spa resort, which is located 15 km from Stara Zagora. The area is covered with oak, pine, hazel and hornbeam forests. The mineral water has a temperature of 42° C, with low mineralization and curative in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, gynecological, renal and urological, gastrointestinal and other diseases.
  • Place "Holy Mother’s Step" It is located in the vicinity of the resort Stara Zagora mineral baths. The place is considered sacred and healing as there are rock formation step of the female foot, it is considered that this is the mark of Mary. Namely there is a chapel, and nearby there are two sacrificial altar Thracian times.

Pubs, hotels and restaurants in Stara Zagora

Ancient amphitheatre
Ancient amphitheatre

Stara Zagora offers many places for enjoying and having fun. They are available during the weekend and during the working week too. There are many convenient restaurants, which offer traditional Bulgarian dishes or visit some of the night clubs in the city.
Clubs: Absolut, BedRoom, Karibi, BelView, Drums, Eagles...
For those, who prefer shopping, there are 2 Mall Shopping centers - Mall Galeria and Park Mall Stara Zagora. There could be found different things and services in one place. One of the most interesting places in the city is the Brewery Zagorka. It is one of the most preferred and famous beers in Bulgaria. The factory could be visited and many visitors could see the process of making beer.

Hotels, restaurants and pubs

According to Tripadvisor the best hotels in Stara Zagora are:

  • Park Hotel Stara Zagora
  • Uniqato Hotel
  • Merian Palace
  • Hotel Armira
  • Calista Spa Hotel

According to Tripadvisor the best restaurants in Stara Zagora are:

  • Uniquato restaurant
  • Chevermeto
  • Schtastlivetsa
  • Mantos
  • The Library

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Samarsko zname, Stara Zagora By Zlatan.Zlatanov (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons