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General information about Shumen

Historical Museum Shumen
Historical Museum Shumen

Shumen is a city in a northeastern Bulgaria, administrative and commercial center, and it is the tenth largest city in the country. The city is located at the foot of Shumensko plateau, which has an extremely varied nature. It is situated on 80 km west of Varna, and it can be reached easily, especially with car hired from Top Rent A Car, by highway "Hemus”.

Founded more than 1300 years, Shumen has always been a spiritual and cultural center for centuries of Romans, Byzantines, Bulgarians and Thracians. Most - ancient evidence of the city is dating from the XII century BC. Very close to Shumen are Pliska and Preslav - the first two Bulgarian capitals.

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What’s worth seeing in Shumen?

Shumen Fortress
Shumen Fortress

Perhaps the most interesting sight is the area Madara, located 17km from the town of Shumen, above the village of Madara. The famous Madara Horseman carved into the rock of 23 meters height is depicting a horseman, a lion, dog, eagle and Greek inscriptions. At the foot of the rocks there is great cavern called "Cave of the Nymphs" used by the Thracians for religious rituals.

Another object that deserves attention is Shumen’s Fortress. It is located just 3 km west of Shumen. With its 3200 year history, the fortress reveals a lot about the culture, lifestyle and architecture of different eras. It has been used for numerous functions over the millennia, but most preserved monuments are from the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. There are evidences that the area was inhabited as early as the Early Iron Age and was used by the Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and Bulgarians subsequently.

The team of Top Rent A Car recommends visiting the national historical - archaeological reserve Pliska - the capital of the First Bulgarian Kingdom, founded by Chan Asparouh, located 28 km northeast of Shumen. The Archaeological Museum Reserve provides insight to the culture of the Bulgarians from VII to X century. The remains of Royal palace, the pagan temple, a small palace, palace church, bathrooms, water storage, housing and basic impressive cathedral - the Great Basilica had been displayed for visitors as well.

A must see is also the National Historical - archaeological reserve "Veliki Preslav", located on the remains of the second Bulgarian capital Preslav, with an area of about 500 ha. Studies show that Preslav was gorgeous and rich city worthy of comparison to Constantinople. In the museum exhibition can be considered works of Old Bulgarian and Byzantine art, including the famous icon of St. Theodor, Preslav gold treasure and ceramic iconostasis Palace Monastery , the largest and unique collection of lead seals.

In the city there are houses of Pancho Vladigerov, Panaiot Volov, Dobri Voynikov and Lajos Kossuth, converted into museums.

Other places to visit:

Tombul Djamiya
Tombul Djamiya

Hotels, restaurants and shopping in Shumen

The best hotels in Shumen according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Art Hotel Nirvana
  • Rimini Club
  • Hotel Bohemi
  • Hotel Contessa Shumen
  • Hotel Shumen

The best hotels restaurants in Shumen according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Choli
  • Gourmet Nirvana
  • Rimini Club

Shumen is a city that combines unique architectural and historical sites, beautiful scenery with all the urban amenities - hotels, restaurants, shops, beauty studios and cinema to make your stay there unforgettable.

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