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General information about Kranevo

The Beach in Kranevo
The Beach in Kranevo

Kranevo is small resort village located on the sea coast, near Albena. It is located on only 30 km from the Sea Capital Varna, 2 km away from Albena and 10 km from Golden Sands. There is easy access to the village on the main panoramic road Varna-Golden Sands. For the last few years Kranevo become more and more popular and attracts many visitors from the country and abroad.

The area around the village is extremely beautiful, green, and peaceful, with wonderful sea landscapes and a lot of sunny days. The proximity to Albena resort provides much different way for enjoying. The sand line is very clean, and the coast is very shallow and warm, which make it perfect for swimming. An excellent tourist conditions attract many students and children in the children camps, which are located near the sea. The area has fast access to Albena, Blachik, Kavarna and also to the Golf courses nearby. You could visit all of these places with a car rental from Top Rent A Car.

Sighsteeing around Kranevo

View to Kranevo
View to Kranevo

Next to the village is located one of the most beautiful and green reserve in the country - biosphere reserve Baltata. You could discover the richness of the wild living animals and plants with boat trip along the river. Except the wonderful views and species, you could take a look at the dense longose plants, which are very rare phenomenon for our climate.

You could visit fast and easy many interesting places nearby. The proximity gives the opportunity to visit all the sites for one or 2 days.

There are many ways for having fun in Kranevo:

  • Off road
  • You could practice water sports
  • Facilities for another sports
  • Excellent restaurants
  • Wonderful alleys for a walks
  • Rich possibilities for those who like night life
  • The area is good for fishing and picnic under the sky

Hotels in Kranevo
Hotels in Kranevo

On only few minutes away is located one of the most beautiful towns on the sea coast - Balchik. There could be seen the Botanical Garden, which has a diversity of plant species, and the castle of the Romanian queen Maria - located on the sea coast. There are 2 - high quality golf courses located near Balchik.

Cape Kaliakra is located on the north from Balchik. It is located in the sea and there could be seen wonderful sea views. Cape Kaliakra has and rich historical past. There are museum, lighthouse, a small church and restaurant, which offer traditional sea dishes.

It is located only 15 minutes from Kranevo is located the resort Golden Sands. It is the biggest sea resort on the Northern coast and has good opportunities for night life. Near Golden sands is located the unique rock monastery Aladja monastery. It contains 20 rooms, carved into the cliffs, and it is declared as a national historical monuments. Kranevo is an excellent choice for your holiday, because of the short distances to all of these sites, and also to the Sea Capital Varna.

Hotels, restaurants and places to go

The best hotels in Kranevo according to Trip Advisor:

  • Hotel Izvora
  • Hotel Palma
  • Kristel Park
  • Therma Palace
  • Hotel Atlas

The best restaurants in Kranevo according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Il Pomodoro
  • FIRST LINE Restaurant & Bar

Car hire in Kranevo

You could rent a car in Kranevo from Top Rent a Car. If you plan to visit Kranevo and have not booked your car yet, you could do it by using our reservations form left. If you travel from Varna, Top Rent A Car has office on Varna airport, Varna - downtown, and Golden Sands, where you could pick up a car on spot. Top Rent A Car offers and delivery to Kranevo.

Top Rent A Car
Top Rent A Car

Plazawkraniewo by Dziadzik [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-SA-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons