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General information about Koprivshtitsa

The center of Koprivshtitsa
The center of Koprivshtitsa

Koprivshtitsa is unique town - museum, located in western Bulgaria. It is located in a beautiful mountain, and valley of river Topolnitsa. It is 108 km. from Sofia, 320 km. from Bourgas and 411 km. from Varna. The city is popular for its authentic architecture and rich cultural heritage. In that town was born the famous Bulgarian poet Dimcho Debelyanov. His house has been turned into a museum in 1957.

Tourist sightseeing around Koprivshtitsa


The town has several interesting museums that are worth visiting:

  • The Alive Museum – It has a permanent art exhibition and craft work places.

  • The Georgi Benkovski House Museum – the native home of one of the most famous Bulgarian revolutionary Georgi Benkovski. A wonderful wood carvings, and exhibits about the life of the Bulgarians during the Renaissance.

  • The House Museum Dimcho Debelyanov – native home of poet Dimcho Debelyanov can see authentic environment in which the poet lived and worked.

  • The House Museum Todor Kableshkov – masterfully constructed, decorated with many carvings and exposure that depicts revolutionary activities and the beginning of the April Uprising in Koprivshtica.

  • The Museum Lyutova Kashta – wealthy Koprivshtitsa home before liberation with beautiful architecture and beautiful frescoes.


The whole town is built in authentic Renaissance style. The streets are steep and stone. The atmosphere of this small town is hard to describe - you have to see. In warmer months, the beautiful massive houses amid stunning scenery and fresh air create a unique feeling.

Old houses in Koprivshtitsa
Old houses in Koprivshtitsa

Legends for establishment of Koprivshtitsa

There is still no definitive historical explanation for the creation of the city. Here are some interesting legends and hypotheses:

  • The Legend of the Bolyarka from Rila, about a young woman who decided that the area is perfect for growing animals. After arriving, she went to Edirne where begged for the Sultan Firman, and she became ruler and to Koprivshtitza have given many privileges. Legend has it that a Turk with versed horse could not enter into the village, and people could freely carry guns. For respect and gratitude people called her Sultanka and her family Sultanekovi.

  • The Legend of refugees suggests that after the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule in the place settled descendants of the great Bulgarian families, breeders and craftsmen. There were and three shepherds: Lambo, Toroman and Arnautito. It is assumed that they have established small family communities that have grown and whether the names of existing today: Lambov neighborhood, Toroman neighborhood and Arnaut neighborhood.

  • Haunt of rebels – It is believed that the settlement was inhabited before the liberation by the rebels. For this hypothesis stands that many revolutionary and revival processes originated in Koprivshtitsa.

Nature and eco tourism

Koprivshtitsa during the summer
Koprivshtitsa during the summer

High mountains, the clear water, fresh mountain air combined with many tourist routes and attractions make the area ideal for hikers. There are 11 established and marked trails with built shelters suitable for nature lovers and crystal air. Beech forests hide many animal and plant species. There you can see the extremely rare black stork and the eagle with white head. Besides these wonderful opportunities, the town offers many restaurants, guest houses in the old style, but with all the necessary amenities. The tavern and restaurants offer delicious dishes based on traditional recipes.

Hotels, restaurants and shopping in Koprivshtitsa

According to Trip Advisor the best hotels in Koprivshtitsa are:

  • Hotel Astra
  • Hotel Kazlekov

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Todor Kableshkov-statue by TwoWings via Wikimedia Commons