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General information about Kamchia

Kamchiya river
Kamchiya River

Kamchia is a beautiful area near the Sea Capital Varna - located on only 25 km, or about 30 minutes by rental car. For the last few years the region is developing successful tourism activities, and is been considered as a preferred resort destination. The area has a great combination between sea and river landscapes, located near beautiful hills.

The other interesting sites in the resort are very beautiful and quite beaches, which are perfect for those, who prefer quiet vacation on the sea side. The estuary of the river of Kamchia, which flows into the sea makes impressive nature picture. There are many hotels and camps around the resort. Because of its great beauty and rare animal and plant species, the resort has been considered as a nature reserve and is protected. You could easy rent a car in Kamchia from Top Rent A Car.

360° view near Kamchia

Tourist sites around Kamchia

Boats in Kamchiya river
Boats in Kamchiya river

Kamchia is considered officially as a reserve in 1951. Except the wonderful sea landscapes and beautiful river of Kamchia, the are is covered by dense plant species called longose. It is very rare for that type of climate. The reserve has rich animal and plant world. There could be seen a lot of mammals and birds – over 200 species. Some of the longose species reach – about 40m, and are about 150 years old. There is no easy access to the some of the beaches around the resort, because of dense plants, but that makes it more picturesque. More and more visitors choose Kamchia for their peaceful sea holiday on the sea coast. The area is also perfect for fishing, camps, walks in the forest and around the hills, and for a boat trip along the river too. The air is extremely pure.

Thanks to its easy location, Kamchia is near many other resorts and also to the biggest city on the northern part of the country Varna.

The mouth of Kamchiya river
The mouth of Kamchiya river
The proximity to Varna gives a lot of offers for spending a great time.

There could be visited a lot of monuments and tourist sites:

  • The Necropolis of Varna
  • The Cathedral "The Assumption"
  • The Sea Garden
  • The Dolphinarium

Hotels near Kamchia

The best hotels in Kamchia are:

  • White House hotel
  • bungalows Kamchia
  • camping Romantica
  • bungalows Dani
  • Sirena Resort

Rent a car in Kamchia 

If you plan to visit Kamchia, but you have not book your car yet, you could do it by using our reservation form on the left. If you travel from Varna, Top Rent A Car has office on blvd. Tsar Osvoboditel 17А, or from the airport, where you can take your rental car on spot.

Kamchia is perfect location for a trip from Varna. There are all necessary conditions for spending a peacefull vacation among the nature and sea waves.

You could use Varna as a start point for your trip to the North part of the sea coast. Our Sea Capital - Varna is located near: Kavarna, Balchik, Albena, Kranevo, St. Constantine and Helena, Kamchia and others. Top Rent A Car offers delivery to all summer, winter and golf resorts in Bulgaria. If you need more information about deliveries and transfers, offered by us, please take a look at our Additional Services page.

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Mouth of Kamchia by P.Marlow (Own work) [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons