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Restaurants in Chernomorets
Restaurants in Chernomorets

Chernomorets is located on 24 km away from Bourgas, in the southern part of the Bourgas Bay and the northern tip of Sozopol bay, in a kind of hollow shore. The Greeks called the little bay that looks like a horseshoe "Agios Nicholas" (Saint Nichola). The city was named after the bay and up to 1951, when it was renamed to Chernomorets. East of Chernomorets you can visit the island St. Ivan and Sozopol. The town has four beaches with a total length of 10 km, different from one another, protected from the winds by rocky coast. The bay is good for surfing and diving.

Near Chernomorets are the camping "Garden", "Goldfish" and "Chernomorets". Besides surfing, the beaches are suitable for fishing, water sports and nudists. All beaches have lifeguard posts and signaling, which make them accessible to both adults and children.

Tourist sightseeing around Chernomorets

Beach in Chernomorets
Beach in Chernomorets

Points of interest that you shouldn't miss:

  • St. Nicholas Church
    The church "St. Nicholas" was consecrated in 1858. The story tells that there was a shipwreck of Greek ship in the bay. After the collision with the rock only supernatant icon "St. Nicholas "survived. The sailors took this as a sign and built a temple dedicated to the "St Nicholas - the patron saint of sailors" in gratitude. The place was old religious shrine and a holy spring with healing water. In 1995 fire burned the church and destroyed everything except the miraculous icon of "St. Nicholas". Several years later, "St. Nicholas’" Church was restored completely by means of patriotic Bulgarians. Today it is known for its magnificent iconography iconostasis carved by craftsmen Smolyan, miraculous Ayazmo and Eden. In 2004 the newcomer Father Stelian aims to care for the area around the temple. And with love, perseverance and care, it became one of the most enchanting corners of the sea resort town. He turned it into the Garden of Eden. Inspired by the fertility of the earth, Father Stelian began planting all sorts of plants, including rare species, collected from around the world that they are hard to resist native climate and those mentioned in the Bible - myrtle, palm, passion fruit, etc. Anywhere exhale exotic flavor and diversity.
St. Ivan Island
St. Ivan Island
  • St. Ivan Island
    Island "St. Ivan", the largest Bulgarian island "St. Ivan" is a kilometer away from Sozopol. It is declared a national archaeological reserve. Next to it, less than 100 meters, is the island "St. Peter", which is supposed to have been part of the island of "St. Ivan", but due to the natural disaster it broke off. "St. Ivan" island was declared a protected area in order to protect rare and endangered species listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria, mostly birds. The island of St. Ivan is obtained by the only population of a special kind of rabbit. The island has a lighthouse, which guides ships to the Bourgas Bay. The island is subject to ongoing archaeological research. Here in 2010 were discovered relics of St. Ivan the Baptist, which are now exhibited for worship in the temple "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" in Sozopol. The medieval Monastery "St. Ivan the Baptist" is under restoration and conservation. The area around the two islands is a favorite spot for diving, because there is a unique underwater phenomenon known as the "stone forest". In a depth of about 20meters there are stone pillars with a diameter of 4-5 meters. Some studies suggest these are trees grown 70 million years ago, which at a certain point were flooded by the sea. It is believed that the water that is covering them did not contain oxygen and instead rotting the giant plants are petrified.
Panorama near Chernomorets
Panorama near Chernomorets

Hotels and restaurants in Chernomorets

The bets hotels in Chernomorets, according to are:

  • Villa Maria 2
  • Bellehouse Guest House
  • Villa lAzuren Briag
  • Guest House Savovi
  • Complex Saint Nicolas


Chernomorets has dozens of cafes, situated on the beach, on the "commercial" street or in the cozy barnyard. There are many taverns and two clubs that operate from 22:30 till sunrise. The hundreds of restaurants, cafes and discos located on the beach could satisfy even the most pretentious taste.

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