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General information about Batak

House near Batak
House near Batak

Batak is a beautiful mountain town known for its beautiful scenery and rich cultural and historical heritage. It is located in southern Bulgaria over 1000 meters altitude. It is 147 km. from Sofia, 325 km. from Bourgas and 448 km. from Varna. Not far from it is the famous and picturesque Batak dam.

The city is known about the mournful events after the April uprising. Currently, the city and the region are an excellent place to rest and leisure, as well as to visit historical and cultural monuments. Plan your journey with a rental car from Top Rent A Car to visit Batak.


Houses near Batak
Houses near Batak

Batak and surrounding area have been inhabited since ancient times. The evidence are the historical finds - in the region have found many ruins of ancient fortresses, churches, tombs and more. They are made of many different cultures and peoples - Romans, Thracians, Byzantines and Slavs.

April Uprising

After the “April Uprising” suppression, Turks has begun a mass slaughter of Christians. Some people has been hidden in the church of St. Sunday, but after a few days the situation inside become very tough and the women began to dig a well with bare hands, forced by lack of water. It could be seen today.

Sightseeing aroung Batak

Cultural monuments

Houses near Batak
Houses near Batak
  • Historical museum - Established in 1956. It offers walk with lectures throughout the complex in different languages. There are numerous photographs and various values of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Russo-Turkish War and after the war.
  • House Balinovata - It was built about 1895. There have lived Boris and Trendafil Balinovi. The house is an ethnographic museum; the exhibition presents household livelihoods, holidays and customs of the local population by the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.
  • The Church „Holy Sunday” - It was built in the distant 1813, for 75 days with labor townspeople. The temple is a domed structure built of stone with oak doors.


  • Cigov Chark- The resort is located near the town, on the shore of the Batak Dam. It has excellent hotels, holiday homes and restaurants. Near the dam provides excellent opportunities for water sports and fishing.
  • Dospat Dam and Sarnica town- there are holiday homes, villas and restaurants providing all facilities for tourists. The area is excellent for hunting offers varied and rich kinds of games.

These are just a few of the wonderful opportunities that the region offers. Plan your journey to this exclusive area with car rental from Top Rent a Car.

The best hotel around Batak, according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Spa hotel Hebar
  • Hotel Eterno

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Panorama of Batak by Edal Anton Lefterov [ CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons