Dacia Sandero

Brief description

Dacia Sandero is a hatchback car from class Economy. It is without an air conditioner but still an affordable option for your trip. It has big enough trunk for 2-3 passengers. The fuel consumption of 5,9 liters per 100 kilometers makes it very low cost.

Dacia Sandero

Expert Opinion of Top Rent A Car

Dacia Sandero is very easy to drive and there is not a problem to find a parking place in the city. It is equipped with 1,2-liter engine with 75 hp. It has 5 doors (including the trunk) and can travel up to 5 people. The trunk is big enough for 1 big and 2 small suitcases.

This car will save you a lot of headaches in the overcrowded streets of the big cities. Its ride is firm but not too bumpy. The car has basic extras like power windows and power steering.

Overall: Dacia Sandero is an economy car. It is preferred because of its functionality and sizes. It offers a spacious cabin, 5 doors, good fuel economy and easy parking in an urban environment. It is good also for non-urban trips.

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Technical characteristics

Brand Dacia Coupe type Hatchback
Model Sandero Seats 5
Doors 5 Max. volume of trunk 1200 l
Fuel tank volume 50 l