CITROEN Ami electric

Year of production 2024

Brief description of Citroen AMI

One of the most attractive electric vehicles ever created is now part of our fleet. The AMI is a compact electric microcar, perfect for urban environments. Its greatest advantage when renting the AMI is its extremely small size, making it ideal for short trips within the city. Additionally, renters of this vehicle will be able to park for FREE in Blue and Green zones. It comes equipped with USB, a panoramic roof for comfort during travel, and the special luggage compartment is a practical addition for urban mobility.
CITROEN Ami electric
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Expert opinion by Top Rent A Car

AMI is unique in its class - compact, efficient, and practical for urban use. Completely electric, this microcar offers convenience and zero emissions, making it an excellent choice for short trips in the city.

Why rent an electric car?

Why rent an electric car?

Charging Citroen AMI

Charging to 100% takes four hours from a standard outlet. Simply plug the cable into a standard household outlet within the passenger door frame, and the AMI will fully charge in 4 hours.

In addition to charging from a standard outlet (220V), the AMI can also be charged at public charging stations or wall charging modules with the help of an adapter.

Range of 75 km on a single charge.

Technical specifications

Brand Citroen Battery capacity 5,4 KW
Model AMI Maximum mileage (WLTP) 75 km
Coupe type Hatchback Maximum speed 45 km
Fuel type Drive wheel Average consumption
Seats 2 Acceleration from 0 to 45 km   10 sec.
Doors 3 Power 8 kW  
Trunk volume 400 л Weight 483 kg
Drive wheel

* Note that mileage varies depending on driving style, load or heating use.




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