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Minivan and minibus for rent in Plovdiv

We offer affordable minibuses and minivans for rent in Plovdiv. Top Rent A Car services deliveries in Plovdiv and the area so you could order minivan directly to your hotel. The car will be delivered from our closest office locations. You can choose your minivan or minibus from booking widget on our website or just contact us on: +359 700 89 050.

The offices of Top Rent A Car are situated at very convenient locations and service deliveries of rental minivan and minibus in Plovdiv and the country. With rental minivan you can easily reach all parts of Plovdiv regardless if you are smaller or bigger company of passengers.
Plovdiv is very preferred location thanks to its sites which can be seen with rental minivan and minibus at affordable price from Top Rent A Car. Thanks to the international airport, Plovdiv is establishing itself as a business destination as well. Thanks to the proximity to the winter resorts Plovdiv is a great starting point for your trip to the picturesque Bulgarian mountains. There are many interesting places in the modern city as Plovdiv and the easiest way to visit them is with affordable minivan and minibus from Top Rent A Car.

We offer rent a car services on the territory of Plovdiv and the region since 2003. You can book minivan and minibus directly at our office and pick up or drop off already rented. You could reserve your minivan and minibus rental in Plovdiv using our booking form or just call us at national car rental number: + 359 700 89 050.

Minivans and minibuses for hire in Plovdiv

Rent minivan and minibus from Top Rent A Car

If you are arriving on the airport by plane or have just accommodated in the city or some of the winter resorts in the area and especially if you are more people, do not forget to book your minivan or minibus in Plovdiv. It will make your travel to the summer or winter resorts easier. You can travel across the country or abroad with hired minivan or minibus. Deliveries of minivans and minibuses is serviced from the closest office location of Top Rent A Car. You can visit our office or book car on : +359 700 89 050, and order delivery to your hotel!

Hiring minivans and minibuses in Plovdiv

Top Rent A Car offers various minibuses and minivans for rent in Plovdiv. You can choose your 7 or 9 seater minibus in Plovdiv on our page with car fleet car fleet. You can travel very easy, fast and safe with minivan or minibus rental in Plovdiv from Top Rent A Car.
You can use the airport as your starting point across the country - to the wonderful summer and winter resorts. The booking process will take you about 15 minutes but we suggest to order your minibus or minivan rental in advance on our website or directly on: +359 700 89 050, as it will guarantee you available minibus or minivan for your rental period. If you need information or individual offer for hiring a minivan or minibus our colleagues will be glad to assist you in our offices or by the phone. Top Rent A Car has diversity of promotional offers for minivan and minibus rentals in Plovdiv all year round. You could order delivery of minibus and minivan to every part of Plovdiv. In case you have provided transport to your hotel you could book delivery of minivan or minibus directly to your hotel or address. With affordable minibus and minivans in Plovdiv you can take advantage of our special offers for additional extras as GPS Navigation and 3G Wi-Fi to stay always connected.

Why choosing minivan and minibus rental in Plovdiv from Top Rent A Car?

  • Top Rent A Car offers deliveries and transfers to all Bulgarian airports, resorts and neighboring countries as well. Do not forget to pick up you minivan or minibus from Top Rent A Car using the booking form on the left.
  • You can easy visit interesting places in Plovdiv using our rent a car services from the airport, or if we deliver your rental minivan or minibus.