When you have to use fog lights?

When you have to use fog lights?

Fog lights are used for better visibility when driving in bad weather conditions. But when exactly they can be used? Are the front and rear fog lights mandatory?

The main purpose of the fog lights is to make the road more visibile when: fog, snowing, rain or sand storm appear. There are two types of fog lights: front and rear.

When the front fog lights are used?

These lights are not mandatory, because not every car have them installed by default. If your car has front fog lights, notice that they are either white or yellow colored. They are not mandatory, their use is optional. If you choose to use them, you should know that your position lights should be switched on as well.
Front fog lights can also be obstacle to the oncoming cars and dazzle their drivers. They should be used only in specific situations, in order not to cause an accident.
When they should be used?
The front fog lights can be used when there is fog, heavy rain, heavy snowing or dust cloud. They can be used also when you're driving during the night on a narrow road with many curves.

When the rear fog lights are used?

The main difference between front and rear fog lights is that rear ones are mandatory. This is the reason why every vehicle has them. Rear fog lights are red colored and glow with a higher intensity compared to the position lights.
Rear fog lights are mandatory when there is a fog, heavy rain, heavy snowing or a sand storm.
In case of bad weather conditions, these lights help the drivers to be noticed.

What is dense fog? When we consider that the rain is intense?

Each person can have different insights on these concepts. We can speak about dense fog when you can not see clear between 10 and 20 meters ahead of your vehicle. The rain is intense when it rains so fast that makes it impossible to see with clarity even the wiper moves at its highest speed.