What does the SIPP code mean?

What does the SIPP code mean?

This code is usually used by a lot of companies, and has been imposed as a standard for grouping a cars.

It is used to generalize the main features of the vehicle. It is used also as an industry standard for the characteristics of the cars. This code contais usually 4 symbols. For Example: EDMR: Economy 4/5 doors, manual transmission, air conditioning. An EDMR is a group of cars, different makes/models with a similar specifications for example: Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio, Dacia Sandero and etc.

Why is the usage of the SIPP codes helpful ?

There are thousands of different vehicles. These codes makes easier comparing of the different cars classes by putting a cars with similar characteristics in a group.

Will I get definitely the model that I booked?

When you book a car, we do not guarantee the definitely same model. But we guarantee that you will get the car with the same or higher SIPP code. Sometimes the cars has to be repaired or may not be available, thats why you will get the same or higher car class, BUT NO LOWER.

How do I use the SIPP code?

Each letter has a different meaning – type of the vehicle, number of the doors, type of the transmission and does it have an air conditioning.

First letter (vehicle size) Second letter (door number) Third letter (transmission and driving) Fourth letter (Fuel & A/C)
M = Mini B = 2/3 door M = Manual drive N = Unspecified fuel, no A/C
N = Mini Elite C = 2/4 door N = Manual, 4WD R = Unspecified fuel, A/C
E = Economy D = 4/5door C = Manual, AWD D = Diesel, A/C
H = Economy Elite W = Wagon / Estate A = Auto drive Q = Diesel, no A/C
C = Compact V = Passenger Van B = Auto, 4WD H = Hybrid, A/C
D = Compact Elite L = Limousine I = Hybrid, no A/C
I = Intermediate S = Sport
J = Intermediate Elite T = Convertable
S = Standard F = SUV
R = Standard Elite J = Open Air All Terrain
F = Fullsize X = Special
G = Fullsize Elite P = Pickup Regular Cab
P = Premium Q = Pickup Extended Cab
U = Premium Elite Z = Special Offer Car
L = Luxury E = Coupe
W = Luxury Elite M = Monospace
O = Oversize R = Recreational
X = Special H = Motor Home

Why have a 2/4 door car?

A common second letter in the SIPP code is C. It has both meanings 2 or 4 door car. That means that if the company does not have available 2 door car will provide a 4 door car. Usually that is not a problem for a customers because when they get upgraded to 4 door they got more space.

  • If you book a 2 door car (letter B), you have to get 2 door car.
  • If you book a 4 door car (letter D), you have to get a 4 door car.
  • If you book a 2 or 4 door car (letter C), you will probably get a 2 door car, but you might get and 4 door.

Abuse of SIPP codes

The SIPP codes are voluntary standard set by ACRISS. The companies are advised to use the legitimate codes but it is not mandatory. Thats why some companies use their own systems – usually different and that makes harder for the customers to compare the cars. We encourage our partners to use the standard SIPP codes.