Полезни съвети, когато сте на почивка с малки деца

Useful tips when you are on a vacation with kids

Long waited vacation is coming and together with it more stress and concerning about how are you going to handle with the kids are coming too. May be the key factor is planning before the trip.

Older children are quite easier to handle with during the holiday. For example, 7 years old needed only a bottle of water, few snacks and their favorite game. When it comes to 1-2 years old kid, things become much more serious. They require more attention and care. Here are a few simple rules that will help you when you are on a vacation with kids:


  • Always be prepared - get some food and drinks, and place them close to you, so they can be on easy to access.
  • Get ready for the mess - little kids make lots of mess, so it will be good to have several packages of wipes in the car.
  • Make sure that your kids have their favorite toys. The more of them you have the less troubles you will got. If you want your kids to be calm, play them video or a movie - it always works. Don't bother about that when you rent a car from Top Rent A Car, because we offer Wi-Fi router for wireless internet.
  • Make them feel comfortable - give yourself more pleasure on the road with our 7 seaters. You can also book a baby seat or baby booster for your little kids.
  • Make stops more often when you are on a vacation with little kids - they don't like to stay hold, they like to play and run.
  • Always choose to drive when they are asleep - it will be much more quiet and calm.

It can be very useful to make plans before going on a vacation with kids. Having a decision for the problems you will have more time for yourself.