Котка в куфар

How to travel with a cat

In general cats don't like to travel. Most of them don't like to change their environment and are afraid of travelling by car. It's unacceptable for them to stay hold in a transportation cage/bag. We've prepared a short guide with recommendations when travelling with a cat.

Definitely cats should travel in a transportation cage/bag

Many people ignore the fact and left their pets out of the cage. This is huge mistake, because they become nervous and that reflects on the driver and the passengers. It can be very dangerous if you don't follow this rule, so don't ignore it. The transportation cage/bag should be placed on the seat with a seat belt on, or it should be on the floor between the front and back seats.

Cats should recognize the vehicle to be calm

If you left them for a long time on an unknown place, with no possibility of doing their routine, this may lead to anxiety and stress. After few short trips your cat will be calm for sure, because the vehicle will be no longer unknown and it will get used to the cage/bag.


There is nothing worse than a combination of long trip, loud music and a cat on board. Cats are very calm by nature, but they adapt very slow with the environment. For tranquility it would be better if the level of sounds is low. Quiet music and no sounds from the outside will guarantee you safe and comfortable trip. Keep in mind that the cat may mewing at the beginning or almost all the time. That's why you should speak very calm and put it in a cage/bag.

Stop on every 2 hours

It is normal to make few stops when the trip is long, because the driver needs to rest and to stretch. Have some light food and drinks during the stop. You can also change cat's sand and to open the windows for a while so fresh air to get in.
Don't let the cat out, because it can be very dangerous.

Sickness pills and sedatives

Weather conditions may affect the animals and cause sickness. That's why you should put them in a transportation cage/bag on the floor so they will not able to look outside and get sick. You can give your pet sedatives or synthetic pheromones during the trip (if needed).

Feed the cat 3 hours before the trip

Feeding the cat is another important criteria to consider. It should be few hours before the trip to avoid the sickness. You shouldn't extend the time between the meals of your pet, so keep them in mind when you stop.