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5 Tips for easier city parking

Probably you often happened to drive around in circles for 20 or 30 minutes trying to find a parking space. Unfortunately, the traffic in the central urban areas becomes more intense, while the parking spaces become harder to find. Here are some simple tips that could save you time and nerves.

1. Be there early

Leave home 5-10 minutes earlier . This way you will have some time to search for a free spot, if there is no vacant parking space near by.

2. Plan your parking

Check on Internet for parking areas around the destination you plan to reach, using sites like (now live traffic map available in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna).

3. Mind the “Blue Zone”

If you live in a city with “blue or green zone” buy stickers, or write down the number to which you can send a message for parking.
Blue zone (Sinya Zona), send SMS with registration number of the car the appropriate number:
Sofia: SMS number 1302 (for "Blue Zone") or 1303 (for "Green Zone")
Varna: tel: 052 460 555 for information
Burgas: SMS to number 1356
Veliko Tarnovo: SMS to number 1362
Yambol: tel: 089 33 73 510 for information

4. Ask for assistance

In case you don’t have parktronic on your car, you can always ask some of the people around to assist you during the parking.

5. Leave note if blocking another car

If you need to park for a few minutes, blocking another car, leave a note with your phone number on a visible place . This will help you avoid unnecessary tension and you’ll know that you will not be disturbing someone. And the most important thing - always have little more patience, just in case.