Low cost car rental from LowCostCars.bg

If the rental price and the deposit amount are your leading factors for car rental, we advise you to check the offers from our low cost brand - Low Cost Cars. The cars offered from this brand are reliable and safe and the offers are at extremely low prices and include all necessary for car rental.

Low Cost Cars provide the perfect decision for everyday situations when your car needs repair or when you need a more spacious car.

Promo rates for rentals over 30 days:

Low Cost Cars offers special promo rates for the longest rentals – over 30+ days, starting from 7 euro per day.

Low Cost Cars car fleet 2019

The rates include:

  • Basic insurance*
  • 200 km daily mileage for rentals up to 30 days and 120 km daily mileage for rentals over 30 days
  • Third Party Liability
  • Paid road taxes
  • 24 hours road assistance
  • Winter equipment (winter tires, antifreeze, ice scraper, windshield, washer fluid)
  • VAT (20 % in Bulgaria)

  • *Basic insurance – limiting liability for damage or theft to the amount of the deposit. Valid in case of an accident, only if a protocol from the Police Authorities is presented. Does not cover damage to the vehicle due to any violation of the Bulgarian Traffic Laws. Does not include damage to tires, wheels, windshield, windows and undercarriage.

    Guaranteed model from Low Cost Cars

    Low Cost Cars renewed its car fleet for season 2019 with brand new Dacia cars and started to offer for some classes guaranteed car model. Now the clients can choose between offers without guaranteed model at extremely low rates and offers with guarantees that offer the best value for money.