Learn more about the free shuttle from Varna Airport to Top Rent A Car Entrance Office!

You land at Varna Airport and need to get to our Entramce office to pick up your car? Wondering how to get to your rental car quickly and conveniently? Do not worry! Top Rent A Car offers a free shuttle service that will take you directly to our base. In the office our rent a car agents will serve you quickly in the best way.

In the next 3 steps, you will find out how to find the shuttle zone where the bus is located, which will take you to our base in just 5 minutes.

Step 1 - Go to the shuttle area

The moment you land at Varna Airport you head to the area where our shuttle is there!

Terminal 1 Shuttle area

You go ahead straight to the Shuttle area:

GPS: 43°14'16.6"N 27°49'36.0"E

Step 2 - You board the shuttle bus!

Enjoy the comfortable and short journey and within 5 minutes you will be at our base where you can pick up your vehicle!

Step 3 - You arrive at the Entrance office and pick up the car you rented!

After arriving at the Office, it's time to sign your documents and pick up your car.

Have a great and comfortable ride by Top Rent A Car!