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General information about the Sea garden in Varna

Sea garden largo
Sea garden largo

Back in 1862 the major of Varna - Halil Efendi enclosed ten acres for a city garden, and this was the first park in Varna. After the Liberation, the mayor of Varna Mihail Colony assigned to the famous Czech landscaper Anton Novak, who projected parks like Schonbrunn and Belvedere in Vienna, the construction of the park. Flowers and trees were brought in with wagons from Longosa, Strandja and even Constantinople. The construction of the aquarium, zoo begins.

One after another where built the Alley Revival, several fountains, tennis court, playground, museums, observatory and many people donated their property to make the park. In 1990 the Sea Garden reaches Saint Constantine and Helena resort and has over 200 different tree species. The southern part of the park known as the "historic core" was declared a national monument of landscape art.

Virtual walk in the Sea garden

Sight seeing and interesting places to visit in the Sea garden:

Naval Museum
Naval Museum in the south side of the garden
  • Naval Museum
  • Aquarium
  • Observatory
  • Children's playground, with a lake for water wheels
  • Summer Theater
  • Open stages
  • "Shell "and the "Amphitheater "
  • Rockery
  • Zoo
  • Alley of Revival
  • Alley of the cosmonauts
  • Rose garden

Community sports complex, which has a football and a volleyball court and tennis courts. In the north part of Seaside Park is located the only Dolphinarium on the Balkan Peninsula.

There you can see also:

Festival and Congress center
Festival and Congress center
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Terrarium
  • Panoramic path to Olympic athletes glorified Varna, on the Black Sea coast, the site of the old alley
  • Private Sports Complex Trinity, who has a football, volleyball, basketball, handball court, badminton courts and futsal, tennis, fencing hall.

This part of the park has many restaurants and hotels, the most emblematic of which is a complex Horizont. The entry by cars in the park is prohibited, but visitors can park the car, rented from the office of Top Rent A Car near the entrance of the Sea Garden, in the parking opposite the Sports Hall or at the north end of the park. There are Parking lots in Chaika neighborhood, which is located just opposite the park, at the Marine Station, and behind the Festival complex, located at the main entrance of the Sea Garden.

Along the Seaside Alley there are many restaurants, discos and bars. Top Rent A Car advises you to take a ride with the little tour train, that drives around the entire park. In the Seaside Park there are separated areas for dogs, quiet alley for mothers with children, lawns for picnics, facilities for skateboarding and roller skating, bicycle lane, a check box, and some of the restaurants have a pool.

During the warmer months in the Sea Garden annually are organized a number of events, some of which are:

Sea garden Аlley 1st
Sea garden Аlley 1st
  • Youth Festival "Funcity"
  • Book Alley
  • May festival of flowers
  • Crafts Fair
  • Festival Varna Summer - the - oldest festival in Bulgaria and one of the - oldest in Europe
  • Festival of the Sea Garden
    The Seaside Park is a favorite spot for generations of locals and visitors of the city, because of the closeness to the Sea, the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and the countless opportunities for sports, recreation and entertainment.

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Sea garden Varna by Mark Ahsmann (Own work) [ CC-BY-SA-4.0], via Wikimedia Commons