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View from Sandanski
View from Sandanski

Sandanski is located in south-west Bulgaria, at the foot of Pirin Mountain, 160 km away from Sofia. It is famous for its unique healing microclimate influenced by the Mediterranean. The air in the town is very clean, with the lowest content of allergens in Bulgaria. The city has over 80 spas and the water is rich of chemical composition and low mineralization. These factors make Sandanski SPA - center suitable for the treatment of pulmonary diseases, respiratory diseases, arthropod rheumatism, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system and allergic diseases. Furthermore, the town is warmest city in Bulgaria, with an annual sunshine of more than 2450 hours, with soft and warm winter, which creates conditions for year-round tourism. The city, like most villages in Bulgaria, was inhabited by Thracians and Romans in antiquity. It is believed that Spartacus was born and lived just there. The current city is built entirely on the remains of early Byzantine settlement. There are artifacts found there from different historical eras, such as remains of public buildings, early Christian basilicas, including early Christian bishop complex mosaic and decorative carpets.

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  • Archeological Museum
    It was built 'in situ' on the remains of a basilica and has a rich archive of finds. The museum is in has become research center as there are constant archaeological excavations. The museum store rich collection of gravestones, coins, inscriptions, antique pottery, household items, jewelry and etc. from different historical periods.
  • Episcopal Complex with Basilica
    It was discovered during archaeological excavations in 1989 by the director of the Archaeological Museum of Sandanski- Vladimir Petkov. The complex includes the Episcopal Basilica, Basilica of Bishop Joan, Episcopal residence with basilica, colonnaded atrium, baptistery and martirium.
Ruins in Sandanski
Ruins in Sandanski
  • Park "St.Vrach"
    The Park is one of the largest parks in Bulgaria, the best maintained one and the only one with sandy paths. There could be seen very rare Mediterranean plant species, among them there are trees more than 500 years old, declared as national landmarks.
  • Rojen Monastery
    This is the biggest monastery in the Pirin region, one of the few preserved medieval monasteries in Bulgaria. The monastery keeps believed to be a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary - Panagia Portaiitisa.
  • Waterfall "Popina Laka"
    The waterfall was declared a natural landmark in 1965. It is located 18 km away from Sandanski. It is situated along the river Bashliytsa shortly before its merger with River Sarchaliitsa. It is 15 meters high.
  • Melnik and Melnik Pyramids
    Melnik is the tiniest town in Bulgaria, famous for its red wine. It is located 22km southeast of Sandanski. In its vicinity is the natural phenomenon Melnik Pyramids. These are rock formations resembling pyramids, and their height reaches 100 meters.
Fountain in the town centre
Fountain in the town centre
  • National Park "Pirin"
    The park covers most of Pirin Mountain and is one of three national parks in the country. Due to the varied terrain that the park covers, it has a rich variety of flora and fauna.

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