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General information about Hisarya

Main gate
Main gate

The name Hissar comes from Arabic and means "fortress". In ancient times the town was called Augusta, Diocletianopolis Seuthopolis, Aleksiopolis and Toplitsa. It was founded in V-IV century BC and in 293 the Emperor Diocletian gave it the status of the town which was surrounded with massive fortification walls. Located in Southern part of Bulgaria, under the slopes of the Sredna Gora Mountain, it is about 45 km. far from Plovdiv, 175 km. far from Sofia and 280 km. far from Burgas.

The company of Top Rent A Car can deliver your car directly to Hisarya or you will be able to rent it from our nearest office in Sofia. Do not hesitate to plan your spa vacation in Hisar in each period of the year, even in the winter when the weather is nice and not so cold. The area around Hisarya has a field of 22 springs with proven healing qualities. For the first time in 1882 has began an organized medical treatment in Bulgaria.

Tourist sightseeing around Hisarya

Ancient wall
Ancient wall

Museum of the kidney stones

In the Specialized Hospitals for Rehabilitation you can find more than 12 000 kidney stones.

Momina Banya spring

The temperature of this spring is 47 degrees.


The hottest spring is 51 degrees and there was build the first bath.

Bistritsa spring

The temperature of the water in this spring is 45 degrees.

Svejest spring

The temperature of the water in this spring is 41 degrees.

The ruins of the largest Roman bath, est. in IV century



Baths of Diocletianopolis

It is one of the few remaining Roman baths in the Balkans.


It was arena for sport competitions and struggles with animals.

Dvukorabna basilica

The only one of its kind found till now, it was built in the middle of V century.

Archaeological Museum

There you can see almost untouched specimens since the prehistoric times, Thracian, Roman and Byzantine vessels, columns, marble slabs, statues. Gold, silver and bronze coins and objects trace the history of the peoples who inhabited the area.

Churches and temples in Hisarya

  • St. Dimitar Church located in Verigovo neigbourhood - the oldest one, built in 845 – 1850
  • Sts Petar and Pavel in Miromir neighbourhood, built in 1882


Park in Hisarya
Park in Hisarya
  • March - during Shrovetide - mummer's parade through the streets of the city - "djhumali."
  • The temple festival is on 26 October, when is held the local fair.
  • The cartridge holiday is on June 29.
  • First week of June - Festival of the town and the mineral water.

The best hotels in Hisarya, according to

  • Spa Club Central
  • Hotel Hissar
  • Hotel Gaitani
  • Sana Spa Hotel

The best restaurants in Hisarya, according to

  • National Restauran

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The church of St. Panteleimon By Berchaf (Own work) [ CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons