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General information about Belmeken

View to Belmeken
View to Belmeken

The name Belmeken stands for a peak in Rila, a hut, a dam and a sports complex. The peak Belmeken is located adjacent to the peaks Sokolov Vruh and Cherven vruh. It is 2626 meters above sea level and is easily accessible from the dam Belmeken. The dam is 1923 meters above the sea level, situated along the Sestrimska River in Rila. It is the highest dam in the Balkans and is part of the cascade Belmeken - Sestrimo - Chaira. The Hut Belmeken is located on the shore of Lake Ravnivrashko and it is a three-storey building supplied with electricity and water. It has a capacity of 30 beds, bar and dining room.

The Sports Complex "Belmeken" is located between the Rila and Rhodope mountains, next to the Rila National Park and the dam Belmeken. The distance to Sofia is 140 km and the altitude - 2050 meters. In the complex there are facilities for combat boxing, heavy athletics, athletics, fitness, shooting biathlon, covered rowing machine, indoor swimming pool and others. There is a modern, well-maintained ski runs suitable for beginners and advanced. The base provides equipment and training from professional ski instructors.

Belmeken is suitable for:

  • Training camp for national and club teams in different sports;
  • Events in mass sports: mountain biking, orienteering, ski orienteering, hiking;
  • Conferences, seminars and courses, teambuilding;
  • Alpine climatic
  • Individual and family recreation
  • Green schools, summer camps and conducting learning processes.

Sightseeing around Belmeken:

Landscape around Belmeken
Landscape around Belmeken

Biyalata Skala / the White Rock

The "White Rock" is located about 25 km away from Belmeken. It was inhabited 5000 years ago by the Thracians. The rock itself is 220 meters long, 20 meters wide and 50 meters high. It was used as a natural fortress in the ancient times, because of its shape and location. On the top of the rock there is a Thracian sanctuary. There have been found many artifacts such as Thracian and Roman coins, pottery, mostly from the Bronze Age.

Stariat Chark

Stariat Chark is an area located a few kilometers away from Velingrad and it's full of meadows. There is a fountain, benches, a special place for campfires and beautiful landscape, which make the place very suitable for walks and picnics. The way to Stariat Chark passes through the chapel "St. Georgi". According to the stories it was built on the ruins of an ancient monastery, entirely with funds from the local people.

Undola Resort

The resort Undola is located 16 km northwest from Velingrad. The resort has several ski slopes and the snow cover lasts about 80 days per year. From there start tourist routes to Belmeken peak (2626 m) in Rila and Chernovets peak (1834 m) in the Western Rhodopes.

Lepenitsa cave

The cave Lepenitsa is located 13 km southwest of Velingrad. It is 1525 m long and has galleries on two levels as well as an underground river and lakes. The cave has a diversity of stalactites and stalagmites, stone curtains, which are reflected in the crystal clear waters of the lake. The most amazing things about the cave are the cave pearls and cave craters, which are unique for Bulgaria.

Churches and hiking routes in the area

  • St. Petka- route Undola
  • St. Iliya- route Velingrad– Elin peak
  • St. Nikola- route Stariat Chark
  • St. Spas- route Velingrad– the area "Bliznatcite" (the twins)– church St. Spas - Kleptuza
  • St. Georgi- route Stariat Chark
  • St. Jivopriemen Izntochnik
  • St. Prorok Iliya

The best hotels around Belmeken:

  • Sports complex Belkemen
  • Hotel Iglika - 25 km away from Belkemen
  • Club hotel Yanakiev - 25 km away from Belkemen
  • Hotel Yastrebets Wellness & Spa - 25 km away from Belkemen
  • Hotel Rila - 25 km away from Belkemen
  • Villa Ibar - 25 km away from Belkemen

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    The Belmeken dam near Belmeken peak, Bulgaria By Boby Dimitrov [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons