VW Passat aut.

Brief description

The new VW Passat aut. is a four-door coupe with a remarkable vision and very smooth shapes. Car rental choice for family vacation, or business travel.

VW Passat + GPS FDAR
Rating 83.7 % / 100 %
(38 reviews)

Expert Opinion of Top Rent A Car

The car is very comfortable and preferred sedan, convenient for both city and extra urban trips. It has an air conditioner, integrated GPS navigation system, high-tech featured so the passengers can feel relaxed and to enjoy their trip. VW Passat with automatic transmission is great for up to 5 passengers. The trunk is big enough for several suitcases. Besides all, VW Passat aut. has a 2,0 liter engine with 170 hp, but it has low fuel consumption - great advantage for its class.

Technical specifications

Brand VW Seats 5
Model Passat Fuel tank volume 70 l
Coupe type Sedan Fuel consumption 4,6 l/100 km
Fuel type Diesel Volume of trunk 565  l
Year of production 2011/2013 HP 140/170
Doors 4 Volume of engine 1968 cm3




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