Ford Fiesta

Year of production

Brief description

Ford Fiesta is a small car with modern design. It is excellent car rental choice. Ford Fiesta is a car from economy class. The sizes of the car makes it easy to park in busy city traffic.

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One of the main features is the small, but very powerful engine that has an output of 82 hp. The car reaches 0-100 km/h in an impressive 13,3 seconds. Although it is relatively small, it has  5 doors (incl. the trunk door), making it comfortable for longer trips. The car has  air conditioner.

Ford Fiesta / Renault Clio IV EDMR
Rating 4.86 / 5
(7 reviews)

Another convenience is the trunk, which is slightly larger than other cars in this class.

Technical specifications

Brand Ford Seats 5
Model Fiesta Fuel tank volume 42 l
Coupe type Hatchback Fuel consumption 5,2 l/100 km
Fuel type Gasoline Volume of trunk 281  l
Year of production 2016 HP 82
Doors 5 Volume of engine 1242 cm3



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Aliko Abkhazava, 28.06.2017
Прикольная машинка, шустрая..
Ivaylo Marinov, 09.06.2017
Супер удобна и икономична кола, както за градски условия так и за дълъг път.
Златинка Калчева, 14.05.2017
Отличен автомобил!
Mladen MIhailov, 15.07.2016
Малка модерна кола с атрактивен дизайн.
P. Atanasov, 08.07.2016
Добра за управление малка кола.
Pepa Ferreira, 08.06.2016
Great small car!
Yury Zamulin, 07.06.2016
Удобный, быстрый, экономичный автомобиль.