Citroen C3

Year of production

Brief description

The brand new model of the French manufacturer Citroen C3 is an excellent vehicle with compact size, equipped with many extras and fuel efficient engine. The car has the comfort that is typical for the French vehicles.

Expert Opinion of Top Rent A Car

The compact sizes of Citroen C3 make it very maneuverable and pleasant for driving as well as parking in the heavy city conditions. It is equipped with all needed extras for the modern cars, and awesome appearance and it is perfect for urban and non-urban driving.

Citroen C3 EDMR
Rating 90.3 % / 100 %
(316 reviews)

The cabin of Citroen C3 is with comfortable size and can normally transport up to 5 passengers. The trunk is with good capacity and could fit 1 normal and 1 bigger suitcase.

Technical specifications

Brand Citroen Seats 5
Model C3 Fuel tank volume 45 l
Coupe type Hatchback Fuel consumption 5 l/100 km
Fuel type Gasoline Volume of trunk 992  l
Year of production 2018/2019 HP 68
Doors 5 Volume of engine 998 cm3




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