Win a voucher for 100 € from Top Rent A Car

Promotional game with prizes from Top Rent A Car

How to join in:

#1 Follow us on Instagram: toprentacar.bulgaria

#2 Post a picture or a video of your trip with a vehicle booked from us and then tag us @toprentacar.bulgaria. Provided that your account is private, please send us the post via Direct.

#3 The posts that are liked the most will become the winners of our prize - a voucher for 100 € for your next booking with us.

Terms and conditions

Joining in our game, you give your consent to comply with the above-mentioned terms and conditions. Top Rent A Car's staff and their relatives are not allowed to participate.

The prize

The prize is in the form of a voucher for 100 € for a vehicle booked with Top Rent A Car, that could be used a single time. The prize is valid for 12 months starting from the day the winners are announced and it does not cover costs for fuel, additional extras or deliveries. Provided that the cost of the car rental period is higher than the value of the voucher, the rest of the sum should be paid additionally. Provided that you decide not to use the full amount of the the money prize, the rest of it cannot be used for next rents with us. The deposit for the vehicle remains compulsory according to the General Terms and Conditions of Rental.

The winners

The winners will be chosen out of all the participants who complied with the conditions of our game. They will be announced on our Instagram account on the first Monday of the month following the month they participated in.
Provided that a post seems to be false/fake, its owner will be disqualified and not allowed to join in our monthly position.

Requirements for the winners

All the winners are able to use the prize provided they give their consent to our terms and conditions for rental which could be found here.

How to receive your prize

If you are amongst the chosen winners, please contact us via our account on Instagram. In reply you will receive a voucher with a unique code.
When you book a vehicle with us on our website, as a comment you should tick "Voucher from a Promo game" and fill in the promo game code. Once your booking is processed by our staff in the booking department, the amount of 100 € will be deducted from the cost of your rent.

The chosen winners

The winners could receive their prize - a voucher for 100 € for a booking with us. The voucher is valid for 12 months starting from the day the winners are announced. They must send a private message to our account on Instagram and provide us with their full name, a telephone number and an email address.
You should receive the prize personally and cannot transfer it to third parties.
A participant who has not requested to receive their prize in 10 working days starting from day of the winners' announcement, they will lose their right to receive the voucher.
In that case, our company Top Rent A Car reserves the right to give the prize to another participant who satisfies the conditions of the game.

Publicity and personal details

The participants of the Game give their consent that Top Rent A Car could use the pictures they sent for advertising purposes. Additionally, joining in this Game, the participants give their consent that we could publish their names on our official website, Instagram account or Facebook page. The participants give their consent that Top Rent A Car could contact them using the provided contact details with the aim to inform them regarding the results of the Game and the details concerned with the receipt as well as the usage of the prize. Top Rent A Car pays the necessary attention to collect, process and keep the personal details under compliance of GDPR. The collected personal details - names, a telephone number and an email address will only be used for the provision of the prize and therefore, will be regarded as confidential information in accordance with the current regulations of personal data protection.