Travel safely and in comfort with a rent-a-car from Top Rent A Car

Due to the situation with COVID-19, in the recent months rent-a-car services have been preferred to those of taxis and public transport. Car rental is a service that is gaining popularity among Bulgarians traveling abroad more and more in recent years. But with the state of emergency it is now a much safer choice, and online services are increasingly the preferred way to book rather than booking in the office.

In our site you can find the right car for you among a variety of classes and models at good prices. The rental process is quick and easy thanks to our online booking system. The ability to book a car remotely – online, by phone or email, is a much more convenient and secure way to communicate.

For us at Top Rent A Car, personal protection and the protection of the people around us are of utmost importance for maintaining the efficiency and functioning of society as before.

We assure you that the cleanliness and good appearance of the cars are priorities in our work, even before the state of emergency with COVID-19. And in the last 3 months our team has been working hard to keep cars clean and disinfected.

You can be sure that the car you rented has been thoroughly cleaned by our employee, who strictly follows the safety regulations, wears protective equipment and protective clothing.

The preparation of each car before renting takes place in several basic steps.

1. After accepting a car from a customer, it is sprayed with an abundant quantity of disinfectant inside.
2. Then we clean it in a car wash – first external and then internal cleaning.
3. The last step is the disinfection of each part of the car interior with a special alcohol-based detergent.

With this set of measures our team aims to ensure your safe and enjoyable mobility even in the most challenging moments.