Top Rent A Car helps underprivileged сhildren have a warmer Christmas

The Christmas holidays are already knocking on the door and all people become infected with a festive mood, optimism and a desire to do good deeds. Our company is also no exception. Days before Christmas, Top Rent A Car representatives visited Varna’s St. Ivan Rilski Elementary School to meet children from disadvantaged backgrounds and to give them warm winter jackets and some symbolic gifts on behalf of the company.

The day of the visit coincided with one of the long-awaited moments for students and teachers – that of the School Christmas Program. The children showed their talents in performing songs, dances and scenes.They were very enthusiastic about the presence of all the guests who came to see them. The representatives of Top Rent A Car had the pleasure to be special guests of the entertaining program. After that they had the opportunity to speak with the school management about the learning processes and the problems they encountered.

After the visit, our employees returned to the office with a little mixed feelings, but satisfied with the accomplishment. They felt touched by the magic of the holiday, which lies precisely in sharing emotions and moments. We wish this magic never to leave our team and we promise ourselves to keep the inspiration for good deeds every day. .