Enjoy a comfortable travel with the new optimized Renault Clio V from Top Rent A Car

We at Top Rent A Car present the latest Renault Clio V 2020 model for rent. With manual or automatic transmission – we offer both options.

With its stylish design this new car captivates the eye. The aesthetic vision of the Clio V is a combination of sculpted details and dynamic shapes.

Compared to the old model, the new one is a bit shorter, but much wider, which gives it a more athletic shape. Despite the reduced length and weight, the new Clio is actually more spacious than its predecessors. The optimized space in the cabin ensures the comfort of the driver and passengers.

The interior is at a very high level, with an emphasis on shapes and materials. Ergonomic seats, practical storage compartments and new multi-function control buttons help you enjoy your travel.

The larger front grille and the new distinctive C-shaped daytime running lights do not go unnoticed. They bring the model into harmony with the rest of the Renault series.

See more detailed information about the technical specifications of the car – with manual and automatic transmission.

One of the many extras that it has is the 7-inch multimedia screen with built-in navigation. Just choose where and the car will take you there!

The built-in 360-degree camera with self-parking system makes driving much easier and more comfortable. The car provides protection throughout the travel with its automatic emergency stop system with pedestrian sensors.

If we have to summarize in a few words the idea of ​​Renault Clio V – a beautiful, comfortable and safe car.

Don’t waste time, book the car from our website or on tel. 0700 89 050 and see for yourself!