Top Rent A Car is entering the world of electric mobility

Air pollution is a global problem, and noise pollution is growing as an environmental problem that affects millions of people. As a main factor in these two problems, the transport sector must take timely measures to limit their negative impact.

Over the last few years, Top Rent A Car has been striving to contribute to a more sustainable environment. The company renews its fleet every year, and the cars meet the highest European standards for harmful emissions.

Since 2015, Top Rent A Car has been moving in the direction of electric mobility. Silent, environmentally friendly and with higher energy efficiency – without a doubt electric cars are the future of transport.

They have several significant advantages over cars with internal combustion engines:

• They do not pollute nature.
• They have simplified maintenance and less wearing parts.
• They park for free in the blue and green zone.
• They have lower taxes
• The price for refueling with electricity for 1 km is many times lower than with fuel

The first electric car, part of the company’s car fleet, is the compact Renault Twizy, which continues to intrigue with its innovative vision and driving comfort.

A few years later, the company began offering Renault ZOE for rent. The fresh all-electric car has attracted the interest of many customers because of its modern design, comfortable interior and high mileage on a single charge.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid, a reliable and comfortable car rental with a hybrid engine, joins the group of cars with low levels of harmful emissions. With it, the company takes part as the only hybrid car in Eco Rally Bulgaria 2019.

A significant moment for the development of the electric car fleet of Top Rent A Car in 2018 is offering for rental Tesla Model S 75D – a luxury brand new electric car. For the first time in Bulgaria an exclusive electric car of the highest class can be rented. Suitable for long journeys, this safe and high-tech car is a great choice for special occasions.

With the Tesla Model S, the company participates and wins awards in several competitions for electric cars, as well as in a number of events supporting innovation and environmental solutions in the automotive industry – Innowave Summit, Webit, Sofia Motor Show and others.

In 2021, Top Rent A Car is entering the electric mobility and will try to offer an electric alternative to cars of every class.

The unique VW ID.3 is the latest addition to the company’s fleet of electric cars for rent this year. Extremely easy to drive and convenient to travel longer distances, it can be rented at attractive prices from Top Rent A Car.

ID.3 impresses with an innovative concept of design, lights and sound. Part of its many extras is the navigation, radio and telephone controls with intuitive voice control, which helps with safety and concentration while driving.

Also helping to increase the use of electric cars in the country is the rapidly growing charging infrastructure. It contributes to comfort and tranquility during longer trips. It is also important to emphasize that charging most of the stations is free.

To charge your rented electric car, follow these easy steps:

1. Install the PlugShare application on your smart device
2. Plan your trip and find a suitable charging station
3. At the selected station, use the plastic card provided by Top Rent A Car

This year the company guarantees you more surprises in the field of electric mobility. Follow the site and profiles of Top Rent A Car on social networks for new additions to the electric fleet.

Expect attractive offers for renting the latest models of ecological cars. 🙂