Top Rent A Car organizes a test drive of VW ID.3 at Auto show in the Historical Park

From 23 to 25 April 2021 near the city of Varna will be held for the second consecutive year Auto show-competition “We are Bulgaria”, organized by the Historical Park. The event is open access and will be held in the parking lot of the Historical Park, which is located on the international road E70, near the village of Neofit Rilski.

The competition will feature vehicles with a personalized look in Bulgarian style. You can read more about the event and the conditions for participation here.





Top Rent A Car will join the event, giving visitors the opportunity to test the new all-electric car VW ID.3 2021, part of the fleet of the car rental company. This innovative electric car can be rented at attractive prices from Top Rent A Car.

By renting an electric car from Top Rent A Car, you provide yourself with several indisputable advantages – savings, pleasure, comfort and reliability.

With good planning of your route, you can only use free charging stations without paying for electricity at all.

Renting an electric car entitles you to free parking in the green and blue zones in all major cities in Bulgaria, which makes the rental costs even lower.

The silent engine in combination with the latest technologies used in the creation of interior parts, makes driving an electric car extremely enjoyable and eliminates fatigue during long journeys.

Supporters of modern technology will be able to enjoy an exceptional experience and feel the pleasure of driving a brand new electric car. A total of 15 test drives will take place for the entire 3-day event – 5 per day. Those who wish to join are required to be 25 years old and have at least 3 years of experience as a car driver. The route planned for crossing starts from the parking lot of the Historical Park to Devnya, the Museum of Mosaics and back to the starting point.

The car show will also feature a quiz with questions related to the activities of Top Rent A Car. For the winners who answered all the questions correctly, there will be a special prize – a voucher for a free one-day rental of an electric car of your choice from low or middle class. A total of 3 prizes will be awarded during the three days of the event.

Don’t miss the opportunity to grab one of these great prizes provided by Top Rent A Car! 😊