Legion Run 2021 with the participation of Top Rent A Car

For another year in Bulgaria took place the event Legion Run – not just a competition, but an unforgettable adventure, held in different countries around the world. It is a going through various obstacles – an exciting and fun experience that keeps up the adrenaline and smiles of the participants.

Each part of the route puts the mind and body to the test and requires teamwork, but still everyone decides for themselves which obstacle is beyond their comfort. Definitely Legion Run is an opportunity to overcome fears – the common spirit, jokes and support motivate you to believe that you can do anything. 😊

This year the event was held near the town of Pernik, in two parts – July 3 and 10, with Top Rent A Car taking part in both.

The beginning of this summer we started a partnership with Legion Run and managed to provide car rental for the needs of their team, which had the difficult task of preparing the track for over 5 thousand participants. We also branded one of the obstacles of the event in our corporate style with a motivating inscription to the brave people who climb it. We hope that we will continue this successful partnership in the future.

Sport spirit, excitement and elated mood filled the participants passing through the track, including elements such as:

• climbing a 5-meter rope
• crawling in muddy water
• balance beams
• climbing a 2-meter ladder
• jumping into 10 thousand kilograms of ice
• crawling under wet, dirty and tight net
• fire skipping
• crawling under barbed wire
• and more and more…

You can view photos in the gallery below.